Last Day Of High School

The last of my senior year was rather wild. I loved to have my top removed and my **** played with. I'd leave my legs spread some so guys could look up my skirt and let them run their hands up my skirt or dress in the lunch line.I had been asked what I'd wear on the last day of school, a half a day,and if I was going to go to the park with them.
I planned on being very sexy in the park after the seniors were let go and when asked if I were going to wear a bikini or bikini top I just said maybe. I had other ideas and hoped that I could get away with them. The last day of school I wore my jeans and a T-shirt to school and was bugged about the afternoon. I just told them to wait and see.
At the park I got out of my car stilldressed as I was at school and promptly pulled my t-shirt off showing my crossyour heart bra that I had died a dark green. I asked a couple of the guys if it was better than a bikini top and they said yes. I knew that they wanted my jeans off but I waited about and hour before taking them off. I had on a long line panty girdle under them and although it was black my white panties showed through them. The guys all liked my idea of shorts and I spent the rest of the afternood in my bra, girdle and panties.
One of the guys asked if I like to go on the paddle boats and I said yes. We;'d been on the lake for half an hour when I asked him to take my bra off. He didn't hesitate and shortly thereafter I took my girdle off as well.
Several other paddle boats came around and talked with us as I sat there in only my panties. After some coaxing I took them off as well and sat there nake for a few minutes. But it was getting late and I dressed again and we headed for shore.
They all wanted more but I explained that I was still a Virgin and wanted to stay that way. Fortunately they honored my wishes. Most of them I never saw again and I was glad they enjoyed their day. It was really fun when I went out with my boyfried that night and told he everything about my day.
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never mind the boys, how cud u teaze yr SELF so bad lol!

What a fun memory. On rare ocassion my gf in high school would "accidentally" let others see down her top or let buttons become undone, or sit on a wall behind the school with her knees bent eliminating any question as to the color of her panties.

I love youre story ,wish I was there to see you in youre playtex cross youre heart bra,long leg pantygirdle and youre silky panties as I love wearing my mother's old worn white playtex cross youre heart bra ,with her tight pantygirdle and big white silky nylon fullbriefs over them under her white silky seethrough nylon fullslip the feeling of her silky underwear on my naked body has my **** SSOOOVERY HARD LEAKING PRECUM INTO HER SILKY UNDERWEAR,READING YOURE STORY HAS ME ******* MANY TIMES INTO MOMMIES WHITE SILKY NYLON SLIPS,FULLBRIEFS AND PANTYGIRDLES.
Do you own any and like wearing vintage nylon slips and clear plastic raincoats?as I love seeing mature ladies wearing white playtex cross youre heart bras ,pantygirdles and white silky seethrough nylon fullslips under their clear plastic raincoat.
Iam a mature crossdresser with a fetish for worn ladies bras ,slips,high waist silky nylon fullbriefs and pantygirdles and I love looking up big mature ladies dresses and skirts seeing their silky slips and panties underneath

Wish I went to school with you

Great day - wish I could have shared it