The Best Defense For One With No Formal Training.

The best defense for one with no formal training is a cell phone, the common sense to dial 911 along with an ability to speak and describe clearly their present location and what is going on and perhaps pepper spray along with instruction of it's proper use.
Keeping windows and doors locked along with having a solid interior door with a lock would go long way. If a neighborhood causes that much concern moving would be a good idea!

One of the best means of self protection is awareness along with good communications with those who live around you as well as respecting them and earning their respect, when we look out for each other and pay attention to those around us everyone is safer.

Taking an accredited / certified Martial Arts and/or Karate' course not only teaches you practical self defense but it also helps to keep you physically fit, mentally alert and balanced along with offering one's self an ability to remain centered in all situations... There are also really good instructional books if cost are an issue. If anyone would like some ideas please email me.

The use of any weapons, unless fully trained in it's use is never a good idea! You put yourself in a position of greater harm as it can be taken off of you and then used against you.
KinkyJerseyCpl KinkyJerseyCpl
Jan 13, 2013