Night Time Intruder


  If you have reason to believe that there is a night time intruder in your house do not leave the bedroom to investigate.    

 ( The only exception might be if you have small children and they are awake. If it is necessary to go to your child’s room hide your blade (or gun) along side your body and speak in a sleepy manner. Have a powerful led tactical flash light in your weaker hand ready to shine into an intruder’s eye’s if they present themselves. Then attack while you have surprise on your side.)  

(Note; that if the woman is better trained in self defense she should be the one to go to the children with the weapon she is best trained with. I also recommend a powerful Surefire style flashlight to be used to blind the intruder.)  

   Your wife had best move to the floor along side the bed on the side far from the door and have her weapon of choice ready along with her led flash light. Usually it would be better if you also placed the bed between you and the bedroom door. Aim your tactical flashlight at the intruder’s eye’s to both blind and indentify whoever is trying to enter your bedroom. (It could be a stupid/drunk friend/relation. Don’t worry about being embarrassed!)  

      It would also be best if you had a gun provided you are well trained and ready to use the gun. Never bluff!

Shoot to kill and aim at the center of the chest. 

    I am much better with a blade so I would stand flat against the wall (in our bedroom) next to the door with my Tanto raised over my head and my flashlight in my weaker hand.  

    My wife would call 911 and risk the possible embarrassment if the cat had just knocked a glass over.  Ha! 

  Trust your intuition if you have any reason to believe that an intruder is in your house. Never over ride your intuition because of any fear of social embarrassment.

When I taught self defense I found that a fear of social embarrassment was often the primary reason most people became victims of an attack.…DD  

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Arorin, I will grant you that reading text makes it hard to “feel” the other persons intent. <br />
<br />
I’ll admit that I felt you were “attacking” my well thought out plan of action to deal with a night time Intruder. <br />
<br />
Let me back up and respond in a more respectful manner.<br />
<br />
The use of a small pistol (9mm?) is used by police, military and others around the world. I am sure that far more people would have and prefer to use a small pistol rather then a blade.<br />
<br />
The problem with a 9mm pistol, or smaller, is it has little stopping power. (I would suggest a .45 long Colt for better stopping power.) That said the 9mm can be very effective if fired 5-6 times into the center of the intruder’s chest. Maybe 1-2 times more into the head when he goes’s down. <br />
<br />
Your suggestion to use a hand gun has merit. <br />
<br />
I know that a powerful-tactical flashlight would be to your advantage what ever weapon you used. You can not only blind the intruder but ID him in case he is a drunk friend, etc. <br />
<br />
All experts that I know or have read agree that it is best to stay in the bedroom, set up your defense in the bed room and call 911.

If it was possible to put it up to the test i would, but unfortunately it isn't. So we are just going to have to disagree with one another.

I would bet that you are indeed a good fighter.<br />
<br />
However, your post on how to deal with a night time intruder<br />
was flawed. <br />
<br />
I have already listed point by point why it was wrong.<br />
<br />
That is all I have to say on that subject...DD

Like i said you don't know my background. I have my entire 20 years of living of learning how to survive. 20 years being raised as a baby of how to survive. I been around all weapons, all people and not only have I got my knowledge from learning i have field experience. Everyday field experience. <br />
<br />
My brother went in the marines he did all kinds of test. They did test on guns before training them 300 questions. He got them all right the only person in his unit to do so. Better then what most trained soldiers could do. He can shoot better and fight better. All this before his training. A united state marine. one of the best trained soldiers to kill. He went in better then most who are already trained. <br />
<br />
How do you think we got it? I can assure you we are both qualified. <br />
<br />
You took what i said wrong as if i was being rude. "over looking so many things" you can write a whole book on this subject and you got a very small part of it in this story. <br />
<br />
It is like i said though. You don't know me or what i can do. I been tested myself. I an extraordinary thing i can do with my brain that they says makes me a genius. I can see more then the general population of the world and i can do it faster. I can learn something that would take years for others in just hours. I am overly qualified to be a teacher in self defense.

Arorin, your commits revile both your background and experience. <br />
<br />
Note how emrldpeeps and I agree to disagree without showing disrespect. <br />
<br />
You start your disagreement by saying “…over looking so many things...”. <br />
Has it ever occurred to you that you could state your point of view without<br />
challenging me in a rude manner? <br />
<br />
One last time, I have devoted many years to formal study and I have been <br />
a professional instructor teaching self defense. My well thought out plan <br />
reflects my knowledge and experience. Read again my logical point by point response<br />
to your plan. <br />
<br />
I am your elder by about 46 years and I have spent many of these years training, learning <br />
teaching self defense. Is it asking too much that you show some respect? I promise I will show you respect if you will approach me with a more respectful attitude. <br />
<br />
You are welcome to ask me why is it better to stay in the bed room instead of searching <br />
the house for an intruder. However it seems to me that you are telling me that I and most experts don’t know what we are talking about. That shows disrespect. <br />
<br />
As you said…”Knowledge is the best thing in the world for any situation. Knowing everything you possibly can about everything you can will let you survive."

Ok dew no reason to throw insults around, but we can agree to disagree. If you want to ever find out who is right we can do that too. You don't know my background or how much experience i have.

!.) A small hand gun does not have the stopping power to be effective. <br />
Note that in the resent case at the Fort Hood Army base, Police officers shot Hasan four times before he went down. <br />
<br />
Note that “Clemmons, 37, was shot and wounded during the attack on the four officers...Police said he was apparently shot in the "trunk" of his body…” Later they found he had been hit in the middle of his chest, yet he was able to escape. I suspect that in all cases 9mm pistols were used. <br />
<br />
<br />
2.) “…hand held stun.” would require you be very close to the intruder to use. A hand held stun is the dumbest thing I have heard anyone say.<br />
Even the best stun guns may not have the stopping power to bring down an intruder. Especially if they have been on drugs. Over the years when I taught self defense I read of many cases were stun guns (and/or pepper spray) were not able to bring down a hyped suspect.<br />
3.) You state that “Say it is a kid or pet or drunk friend making a dumb mistake to scare you. No reason to get blood all over the carpet or a death on your hands that you don't need.” The suspect could be “kid or pet or drunk friend” as anything is possible. However, an intruder coming into my bedroom in the middle of the night is far more likely to have hostile intentions. <br />
One of the reasons I use the intense Surefire flashlight is not only to blind the intruder but also to see who I am about to attack. This reduces the chance that I am going to kill a “kid or pet or drunk friend”. Understand? <br />
Also, “…blood all over the carpet…” is the least of my worries as long as it is not mine.<br />
<br />
4.) I didn’t just come up with the idea to not search the house but stay in the bed room on my own. Experts who have spent years studying to find the best way to react if there is a night time intruder agree that staying in your bed room, calling 911 and setting up a defensive position within the bed room is the very best way to react to an intruder.<br />
5.) I do agree “Knowledge is the best thing in the world for any situation. Knowing everything you possibly can about everything you can will let you survive.”<br />
This is why I spent many years studying, talking to survivors and policemen. <br />
6.) Arorin, how much time did you spend before you responded to my post. Five minutes? Your arrogance never fails to amaze me. You are an 18-21 year old kid without any formal training, yet you always expose your ignorance as if you had spent years studying self defense. <br />
Arorin, you can not learn a damn thing as long as you think you know it all…DD<br />
<br />
P/s "Night vision goggles" would be worse then useless once you truned on your high powered flaslight. Lol.

First of all if you are going to use a gun a small hand held is all that is needed. People who break into houses aren't going to be covered in body Armour. Any gun will do the trick but a hand held is easier and faster to maneuver and aim. <br />
<br />
Using a knife i think would be a bad idea. I am attacking your style now. better trick is a hand held stun. Small and can be held in your hand just like a knife but it won't do serious damage. Say it is a kid or pet or drunk friend making a dumb mistake to scare you. No reason to get blood all over the carpet or a death on your hands that you don't need. <br />
<br />
How about all the advantages you have over the perp? You know your own house better then anyone. It is dark at night time but since you know your house you wont need to be able to see. Knowing that little information will give you advantage. To know not to make any sound and knowing hearing will be your best friend. <br />
<br />
Night vision goggles would be a great thing to have too. <br />
<br />
Knowledge is the best thing in the world for any situation. Knowing everything you possibly can about everything you can will let you survive.

Like what Arorin?...DD

over looking so many things...

I recommend being behind the bed and being in position to fire over the bed because only your head is exposed, for most people. Note “…for most people .”<br />
<br />
However, like you, I personally prefer to do it different. I will stand next to the door with my 13.25 Tanto blade. I just feel more confident with a blade then I do with a gun. <br />
<br />
I have no doubt that many people would say that your method, using a 12 gage shotgun, is better then my using a blade. Like you, I am going to do what I feel is best for me when it comes to protecting my life and my family. <br />
<br />
Being a member of the Sheriff mounted posse sounds like fun. Do you go on search and rescue missions?...DD

If it works for you then I think that is just great.<br />
<br />
The problem with being a teacher is that I always want to "correct" my students. But hey! You are not my student. You are a neat lady who has taken the time to commit on my post and I thank you...DD

Ha! I have never heard of using a pillow to protect from recoil.<br />
It might be a good idea to get some training before you fire that blunderbuss!...DD

Mmmmmm, the pillow...there is a good joke here somewhere but I am not going there.<br />
<br />
Actually, I agree with the no warning part. Only in the movies do people talk for ten minutes back and forth. I believe that if I point a gun at someone I would fire. No speech…DD

I know what you mean. When I chased the intruder out of our house ~ 10 years ago I felt like I was 18 and super horny!...DD

You sure get my blood pumping reading this. I appreciate the info. your giving. My only real concern now at this point is loving the power of a gun and perhaps getting trigger happy.