When I was a little girl, I'd often wander off alone to sit and think, or just enjoy my surroundings. There was a little dog house built onto the side of the house and I'd climb up there and pull myself  onto the roof to pick wild cherries from the big tree that overshadowed our rooftop. It was never a dangerous thing. We did not have a large house. But I would sit up there and indulge myself in cherry fruit while I contemplated my life and watched the clouds roll by.

Life in those days was not very happy for me but I found that slipping away to a little nook here or a cranny over there would give me time to get away from the unpleasantness of family problems and just be at peace with myself. As I grew older, I never stopped needing those little get-aways. I never stopped longing for the time when I could steal myself away to some undisclosed location and reconnect with my own "is'ness".

Being alone is not something I fear. Solitude, in fact, is a part of my life that I cherish dearly and hold in high regard. And although motherhood doesn't afford me very much alone time, I've learned to take it when I'm able to get it. Sometimes, it's the only way to make an often chaotic world stop spinning long enough to see the good in it.

For me.. these places feel like home.
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31-35, F
Apr 20, 2011