I Like Getting Up At Midnight To Start My Day

In an addition I like Solid Cloudiness in the Morning Daytime Hours also. At least you don't have to go anywhere to find a Serene and Quiet Place.  I have, (Without 100% Success, but with only 50%), been trying to get myself Up at Midnight Morning Hours to Start My Day.

It used to be the Opposite when I had this Golf Course Job in Sacramento, California for 24 years.  (1983 - 2007).  I would Start my job around 6:00 PM and work to at least 2:00 AM.  After the place closed up by 10:00 - 11:00 PM, I would see a busy place turn deserted and get quieter.  Just after 12:00 AM it would be in most cases begin to go empty of other people and get mostly quiet and progress in the surrounding area, it get quieter and quieter.  But after getting myself all Frazzled and Exhausted through those long Hours.  Tremendous Grogginess, Fatigue and Sleepiness would possess me and take me hostage.  I had to go to bed and sleep through the rest of the morning and miss it.

I'm now living in Aberdeen, Washington.  I don't have a job, so I can choose and pick when I want to be up or sleep.  I'm trying to choose the Hours of:

Getting Up:  2:00 AM - Through to 3:00 PM  and Sleep from:  03:00 PM - 02:00 AM.  Yet not so steadily, because I can't fit everything in this schedule. Sometimes I'll have to stay up till 7:00 PM and other times not find myself able to get up until after 6:30 AM.

But I see a Busy City Town in Aberdeen, Washington now during the Day, it's all Anarchic and Chaos with traffic and the hustle and bustle of everyone going about in the Town..  And as I wake up in the Midnight Mornings. This Place finally gives me some peace and a great awe struck moment as it did to me like the 24 years in Sacramento, California.  To see the Difference, just makes me sense a sense of strangeness. How it is so empty serene and quiet (Most Nights, but there has been some wild active nights that haven't always been this way.). During these moments of the Day from the other half of the Day.  Days have their Jacklyn and Hyde.  But these Midnight Mornings!  This is what I really admire the most.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Mar 16, 2010