Drunk Girlfriend And The Window

I took my girlfriend for a night out for drinking. Usually this sets me up for some amazing sex later that night. She got really drunk and we headed home. I ******** her naked in bed and did the same for myself. After getting naked I started fingering her and she was already wet and ready to go. I started having sex with her missionary and I got her to ride me for a bit. Now my girl does not like dirty talk and this time I tried it and she kept moaning more. That told me her inhibitions were out the door and she was mine to use. I put her missionary and pulled her to the edge of the bed in front of the window that had the blinds closed. I have always wanted the thrill of ******* her with the blinds open, but she was always opposed to it because she didn't want anyone seeing her naked. Well I started ******* her at the edge of the bed and told her "Baby I am about to open those blinds and finish ******* you until I *** and I don't care if anyone sees you naked". I pulled out of her and walked over to the blinds and pulled them open and walked back to her started ******* her hard. She just starred out the window saying "OMG" over and over. I finally couldn't take anymore and climbed on top of her and put my **** in her mouth and finished. She swallowed every last drop and stayed naked for the rest of the night. I was really happy that I got to do a fantasy I wanted to try and the feeling of being naked in front of the open window. The best part was exposing my girlfriend that night. 
jamesyoungerman jamesyoungerman
26-30, M
May 23, 2012