She Giggles About It, I Get Horny!

Recently my wife and I stayed at a motel and left the curtains wide open.  We had great sex and enjoyed each other completely.   I’m interested in the idea of folks watching, but don’t like to split my concentration and can’t imagine preferring to look at them over my wife’s hot body.  Besides, on that evening it took all of my mind to deal with my hot baby when she’s as horny and lusty as she was that night!  There was one guy who kept walking by … back and forth … sneaking peaks but pretending he hadn’t noticed.  :0

married2bf married2bf
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Yes - but she was so hot, sexy and lusty that night that I couldn't spend any real time thinking or considering the watchers. When she turns on - I melt and can deny her nothing.

Yes, I recall your basement apartment story! :) Brings a smile to my face to recall it.

Hi m2bf ... cute story. I've written elsewhere about a basement apartment I had in London which had large picture windows with blinds covering them which I thought gave me a lot more privacy than they actually did!! One of my neighbours, who was a recipient of my hospitality now and again, was the one who pointed it out to me ... methinks he was a bit of a showoff!!