Very Detailed Discussion About Clitoral -vs- Vaginal *******

We were talking about different types of ******* today, over in a private group on Facebook. I'd never analyzed all this stuff in so much detail before, and I really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd share....
The initial question:
You read a lot about clitoral vs. vaginal *******, but are there really two kinds? If so, can you describe the difference?
Yes, they're very different!! Can I describe the difference? Dunno, never tried, but let's see....

I feel them in different places, and it's fairly logical:

Clitoral is mostly along the front, around my lit and above; my abs and thighs clench and I curl forward. The sounds I make during a clitoral ****** are higher than the other, and I tend to say, "Oh, my god!" and "yeah… like that!!" "ohmygodohmygodohmyGOD!" and I hum, more than moan.

I feel vaginal ******* way inside, in the center of my body; my thighs and buttocks clench and I arch backwards. The sounds I make are much deeper—lots of low moaning and groaning. My voice gets throatier and I say things like, "oh, yessss…," "mmmmm-hmmm…," "****. ME.," "Yes," "harder," more," and when I get really close I still have that initial panic-y reaction and often say a very low, "oh, ****!" because I know I'm about to squirt. (I squirt more often with vaginal ******* than with clitoral, but I do both….)

I love analyzing this stuff! : )

GIRL #1:
I have this suspicion that the crazy finger thing The Boy does is actually a vaginal ******, but it NEVER ENDS. And if he stops and then comes back to it it's even more intense. I think I almost passed out last time, and may have squirted once. But I thought an ****** had a beginning, a middle, and an end, like a good novel. It's like he can flick a switch and completely own me.

What you're describing is what happens when my husband finds my g-spot. If he stays at it long enough, I WILL squirt. He can start and stop as much as he wants and it's like a magical "ON" button.

GIRL #1:
So, is vaginal for you something that follows the same build up and release pattern that clitoral does?

hmmm... Clitoral is definitely more of a rise-and-rise (as opposed to rise-and-fall) thing.... It builds in waves—but not really smoothly or evenly…. Think of a ratchet, maybe? I go up a notch and stay there, then go up another and stay there, going higher and higher, until I hit the peak and crash (which I do fairly rapidly afterwards, sometimes with a bit of lingering throbbing around my ****, but sometimes it's just done.)

Vaginal builds too, but it's different—and it also depends on if he's hitting my g-spot or the back wall....

If he's aiming for the back (pretty much any position with my hips curved forward) I almost feel like I'm floating in water, or I'm falling into a deep hole.... Short, hard, pounding thrusts make me *** fastest in this position, and the ****** builds the same way: rhythmic, smooth, intense—fairly fast rise-and-fall…. When I hit the bottom of whatever I'm falling off of/into, it feels like I explode, and then I float; it's a FULL-body ******, so it's kind of more than vaginal, I guess.... It tends to linger for awhile, like I'm floating back to the surface, slowly... lots of pleasant throbbing deep, deep inside after these.

I think my g-spot ******* are the most intense out of all of them, and they're the ones that make me squirt. (If I squirt from any other kind, there was probably pressure on my g-spot while it was happening.) It's long, steady strokes with lots of pressure on the front wall that get this one going (think: pretty much any position with my hips swiveled back as far as they'll go—lots of arch in my back), and that's how the ****** builds: slowly and steadily (unless he picks up the pace), and it's kind of in-between the other two: It's mostly rise-and-rise (not rise-and-fall), like the clitoral ******, but it's SMOOTH, like the deep one. Think: going uphill on a roller coaster! Actually, I guess the whole thing is like a rollercoaster, because once I'm pushed over that first hill, I'll keep going and going up and down almost as many hills as he puts in front of me—some higher, some lower, and even some loops—until he stops stroking my g-spot. These linger for a LONG time after he does stop, and I often have what I call "aftershocks," which are kind of mini-******* a few minutes later without anyone even touching me; I'm just lying there, wishing I could purr, and here comes another one!

Now I want to go attack my husband, but there are kids in the house. sigh….
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Great information.

It is so hot when a woman really squirts, especialy if she is straddling me, riding me and then she **** and her juices flood all over my pelvis, feeling herm warmth flood my balls and my pubic area is very satisfying. No way I can hold it then I release and our juices mix....;)

That sounds wonderful. :)

Great insight and variety in the response though they seem to converge after all.
If there were a Facebook discussion group about male ******:
1) The subject would be very sticky
2) Its 'members' would never participate to the discussion as they would be too busy experimenting on themselves.
3) The group would disband quickly, roll over and snore.

Great discussion thread...thanks for sharing!

A very thorough and helpful discussion. I have noticed in my experience different levels for a woman too, depending on the action being done at the time. Women are so lucky. Multi-*******, and all. For me, I compare a good O' to what the first stretch of the morning feels like after a good nights sleep....X 10!!!