I'd turn up at your door at your invitation, nervously clutching a bottle of wine as I ring your doorbell. An amazingly attractive older woman opens the door in her bathrobe.
She invites me in and as I turn to see her closing the door, she opens her bathrobe to reveal her amazing experienced body covered only by lacy, see through bra and thong.
I go to speak but she shhhh's me and walks towards me, pushing her body against me she kisses me, her tongue desperately searching for mine as my hands land on her waist, holding her sexy body against me.
Her hands run all over my upper body, pushing the jacket off my shoulders. As it falls to the ground, her hand glides over the bulging crotch of my jeans and grasps at my manhood.
I can resist no longer, my hands running all over her body, my lips traveling up and down her neck. As I look to release her breasts, she stops me. She tells me not to speak, but takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom.
She unhooks her bra and drops it to the floor. She takes my hands and places them on her breasts. Her nipples hard to the touch and she quivers slightly as my fingers brush against them. She pulls my head down to her chest and almost feeds a nipple into my mouth to be kissed, sucked and caressed. I slide my free hand down her naval to the softness of her underwear. My fingers search eagerly through the material to touch her dampness. Her breath quickens as my fingers push through her panties into her *****.
At this she pulls my hand away and undoes my jeans, pulling them and my boxers to the floor. Her eyes light up at the sight of my hard ****, her hands wrap around it and she starts to stroke. I take off my shirt and throw it to the floor as her tongue makes contact with the base of my penis. Her wet, experienced tongue glides up my shaft and runs over the tip as she takes me deep in her mouth. I gasp she puts the tip of my **** to the back of her throat and out again. She picks up a rhythmic motion, sucking and licking as I lay back clutching the bed sheets, thrusting my hard on into her mouth.
Suddenly she stops, stands up and peels off her soaked underwear to reveal a gorgeous, shaved pink *****. She lies on the bed next to me, kissing me passionately on the lips, she guides my hand to her tight, wet *****. It’s so warm and moist, I immediately slip two fingers inside her as her hand wraps round my **** again. We lie there, writhing together to the rhythmic movement of our hands, when she pushes my head away from hers and forces me down her body. My tongue instinctively laps at her **** causing her to moan and pull up on the two fingers I have inside her. Her ***** juices rub all over my face as I run my tongue up and down her slit, before diving into her *****. This insertion causes her to grind on my face as I slowly rub my index finger around her anus. I bring my tongue south, and lick around her tight ******* while putting two fingers back in her wanting *****. She moans out, begging me not to stop as I force my tongue into her tight ***. I pull my face away and instead insert a finger from my other hand into her tight rear entry. She screams in delight and grinds on my three fingers inside of her.
She's begging me to **** her, make her ***! I stand, pulling her to the edge of the bed, her legs across my shoulders as I slap my **** against her **** to tease her more before I plunge it deep into her wanting *****.
It goes right in with no resistance, she's so horny and wet. I slide my **** into her at varying speeds before pulling out to the very tip where she begs me not to stop. I slam it back into her causing her to scream again. This time she's not letting go. She's grinding against me, I'm ball deep in her wet **** as she says those magic words, I'm *******! This only inspires me to **** her harder, faster, deeper til she screams out in ecstasy.
She lies there panting while I stroke her ***** juices on my ****. She looks up, smiling devilishly and rolls over. She sits up on her knees, presenting herself as she tells me take her. I move forward, running my **** up and down her now even wetter *****, but that's not where its going. I tap the tip of my **** on her anus as she calls me a naughty boy, At that I force the bulging head of my **** into her tight ***. She grips the bed sheets and moans as I slide the rest of my shaft into her. Slowly I slide in and out of her tight ***, struggling to contain my load. She begs for more, but she wants it deeper, harder. Who am I to deprive the woman. I start to **** her as I did her *****. Harder and faster all the time, listening to her moan is turning me on no end. I have to pull out of her *** before I *** too soon.
She lies there, utterly breathless but desperate for more. I lie on the bed as she straddles me. She guides my still hard **** into her begging ***** and begins to ride me slowly. I grab two handfuls of her ***, and rock my **** into her. Her **** swing against my face. I catch her nipple in my mouth where I nibble and suck on it. She rides faster, panting as she goes. The look in her eye is the sexiest I have ever seen on any woman.
She's riding my hard **** so hard the bed is in danger of buckling. I can’t hold much more, this goddess is turning me on so much. I tell her I’m about to ***, as the gets off my **** and thrusts it back into her mouth, telling me she wants to taste it. Her frantic tongue ensures its not long before I fire a mouthful of *** into her, she pulls up as the seconds spurt over her ample chest. She wipes the excess of her chin and smiles knowingly. I lie there motionless after the **** of my life. With a cheeky glint in her eye, she thanks me for the wine, but apologises we never got round to drinking it.
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Where does this woman live? Got a phone number? lol!

Hot story, sounds like you should visit more often!