I Might Even Be A Sex Addict....

I've always lived by the code that for a relationship to work, love and sex must go hand in hand. However, you don't have to be in love with everyone you have sex with.
I've always loved sex. I need it in my life to be really happy. But I don't have to be emotionally entwined with people I have sex with. Yes, there has to be safety and mutual respect, but I don't fall in love with everything that enters my *****.
I just love how sex feels, the physical pleasure and satisfaction. And its certainly good for my mental state! It relieves stress, cheers you up, relaxes you... what's not to love?
LaVidaSombra LaVidaSombra
31-35, F
4 Responses May 12, 2012

I totally agree with you my friend!

You mean there are women out there that enjoy casual sex ? (LOL!) I don't think that makes you a sex addict... unless you start grabbing everyone you come across... :-) Keep thinking the way you do... its refreshing.

I could not agree more. Please add me. Thanks.

We both feel the same way about this and hope to get to know you better..