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On A Pontoon Boat

One mid-week day, Lisa both had the day off. We decided to take my 24 foot pontoon boat to the lake for the day. It was a really hot, muggy day here in South Carolina, and cloudy. We got out on the lake cruising around slowly, and I was really enjoying how sexy she looked in her neon orange string bikini.
We found a nice secluded cove and beached the boat to go for a swim. The sandy lake bottom felt so good under our feet. We swam awhile, and got back on the boat and laid down on the sun deck. A little later the rain began... not a downpour, but a nice steady rain. We started to kiss and snuggle up to each other, and I asked her if she had ever ****** in the rain. She said she had never had sex outdoors before, but wanted to. I then removed her bikini, took off my trunks, and kissed her body from head to toe, then gave her a good ***** eating. The rain felt so good on our naked bodies, and just made everything seem so much better. We made love three times that afternoon, plus lots of oral sex in between. She said can't wait for us to do this in other places, especially at her parents beach house. I can't wait either.
69footlicker 69footlicker 51-55, M Feb 17, 2011

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