Naughty Carrot (warning a touch graphic)

I was recently reminded that adding a simple carrot to an otherwise innocent scene can cause the mind to race with naughty thoughts.

Although I’ve noticed this in the past I’ve never explored deeper why this is, it seems something always pops up distracting my attention that needs immediate action.

This time however I set the thought aside and did some research and lo and behold look what I found.

The carrot is a biennial plant in the wild, while the cultivated varieties are grown as annuals. The carrot is one of the most recognized plants in the world. The plant possesses an erect stem and can reach three feet in height when fully grown. The most familiar part of the carrot is the swollen orange colored root used as a vegetable.

Carrots can be consumed in a variety of ways, including chopped, boiled, fried or steamed, and cooked in soups and stews, as well as baby and pet foods. Although less common carrots also can be used as a sexual aid, a penis substitute, a *****. If used in this manner it is important to find an appropriate sized carrot taking into consideration length and girth. Be sure to clean your carrot well and use a condom to ensure safety.  This type of use is referred to as …”

Seems some people see a carrot and immediately think penis, odd maybe but more common than I suspect people are willing to admit. In thinking about imagine the below ... remove the carrot and all of a sudden it’s just an innocent girl.  With the carrot the mind thinks naughty slutty girl!

So interesting ... oh well, enjoy!

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To repeat somebody else: WOW

And why was that?

Ah - that permission thing. - important

Thanks God I'm not a vegetarian.

they must grow them big where she is..

well i live in warm moist air and i have never seen one that big..hmmm. what are the feeding those carrots..LOL


Read soneone elses story about using an eggplant, even bigger!

The banana in my pocket is jealous.

So this brings new meaning to vegging out...

Or munching......hahahahhahahahaha

That really is a big carrot....

You know I may never eat another carrot again not knowing where its been! ;-p

Did Katie pose for that picture?

But a logical conclusion nonetheless... ;-)

Ok, I admit it. This is a picture of me.

I didn't want my face in it. Appropriately cropped. And I shaved my legs prior.

I have fantastic legs, wouldn't you agree?

Oh my...

At a loss for words.

What about, "Ah, what's up doc?". LOL

Well, imaginations are certainly running wild right now...

too cold? have you ever put some ice ..there McSexyFrog? ...if not I think you need to talk to me!

ohhh man....I do not know about that ...but i do know that cold is not bad at alll lol

c'mere and let me cool you off a bit! hehe

Ohh yes the shower head.....I know about him he is a naughty man

LOL to my shower head!!! hahaha!!!

The things that happen while I am away...

I'm going to try to pay attention to this one.

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Geez, I won't be able to go grocery shopping in the produce section ever again with out laughing!

... or blushing!

A little, ya LOL!

I'm with blackdiamond on this ... a veritable cornucopia of goodies to be found at the supermarket or greengrocer ... nothing better than sharing a banana with someone special after ... oh never mind ... **did I say that or think it??** lol

yes, a little variety is definitely a good thing homenudie.

This might just be me being all weird or out of the "veggie sex loop stuff" but when I look at veggies...ANY veggies or fruit I think of healthy food to eat, like for a meal..... I LOVE them!! but........ and here is where I might be weird.... It has never sounded sexy or like fun to ram em inside me, unless they are cooked or served in some nice dish during a meal where the ramming is happening with a spoon or fork and the spot it is placed is just in my mouth!!....

I like warm pliable and soft skin attached to a man who knows what the Hell he is doing if an ****** is what I am after and NOT dinner!! Now I am NOT against play "dinner plate" and laying food on me for hubs enjoyment but they stay ON me and don't go in me....... Again....I might just be falling behind in some of my kinks..... :D I think I will stay there too when it comes to screwin the stew ingredients!! :D Now typing that cracked me right up!!

I'm with you on this one Sie. I can honestly say that I have never considered putting stuff like carrots inside of me. Now, there was that time when I played a little game about finding the cherry and my guy at the time dug it out with his, but that's a little different.

So, THIS is what they mean by "a diet consisting of fresh fruits and veggies" ????

Yes that is true but you must eat them orally. ;-p

lol. Hmmm, I always do a double-take at the cucumbers when I'm grocery shopping. Never the carrots though... well, until now ;) hahaha

well I could always start with a carrot, but would def have to finish with a cucumber! ;D LMAO

Now I'm dying of curiosity. I swear I'm laughing already and I have no clue what's going to come out of that mouth of yours! If you don't want to say it here you can tell me in private...


*facepalm* I thought it was only following EdieZ around that led me to such things... now you, too? lol

Such a naughty girl she is. But her legs are to die for, no? :)

Well, my thoughts are: why use a vegetable when you could use a vibrator...?

Oh, I agree. Perhaps we should ask her?

Mind you it's somehow nowhere near as upsetting as Shannon & bananagate. :/

There's no such thing as an innocent vixen. ;)

"why use a vegetable when you could use a vibrator...?" Because some people get bored easily...and like to try new things...vegetables are cheap and can make you feel like a complete ****. A vibrator, well it is not unusual, not experimental, not a new thing when it is your go to ************ tool. I feel sorry for people who cannot wrap their head around the idea that sex isn't something that is scripted, there is no one right way to do it, there is no manual for how people are supposed to get enjoyment from it...There is, however, a wrong way...and that is to be so insecure about doing it wrong that you limit yourself to doing what you think is "correct" and in the process forget that the reason for sex is PLEASURE. To criticize people for their sexual experimentation is the only 'upsetting' thing I see. I wonder how such people would treat gays and lesbians if it weren't for the recognition of politically correctness. I wonder how many women they have criticized for being too slutty or for being a prude...of course, where that line is drawn depends entirely on where they themselves fall on it. There is nothing upsetting about getting off with fruits and vegetables or any other object that is not specifically designed and sold for the purpose of sexual pleasure, on the other hand, bullying, making fun of, and/or talking about people for exploring something as innocent as that...

Oh Shannon. Tsk... I'm not going to tell you exactly what I think of your general behaviour & attitude because you're just a kid & that would be mean of me... & hopefully you'll grow out of it!
But what this boils down to is that you wrote an entirely cringeworthy story of banana lust. The way you worded it had everyone simultaneously laughing & hiding behind their hands.
You wrote it. You posted it. It's fair game for teasing, as you can see throughout this entire thread!
No one hates you or anything like that. Now stop being silly!

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I've never seen a carrot that big! Where do you find those? LOL

LOL :) ohhh, organic too!

LOL ... I think the diamond pretty much covered(exposed?) everything needs to be said here.

And mama looks damn fine in these pics, nudie. =)

Oh so its not just me who has these thoughts then? *sigh of relief* ;o)