420 Is My Favorite Position

Relaxing with a J and hanging out with friends is my favorite, and having sex doesn't seem so complicated when you're stoned. The guys aren't fans of girls with the giggles during sex!

nstylisa nstylisa
31-35, F
10 Responses Sep 21, 2009

stoned or not ur justa natural at sex

we can smoke one while you ride my ****

i love the giggles, its the hypersensitivity and ticklishness that sometimes gets in the way, but sometimes it can be an asset !

sounds like the giggles don't get in the way at all

Giggly horny girls...what's not to like!

i'm relaxed just thinking about it. Great comments!

I agree it seems to relax the mood and the mind too :)

giggles are good, sex is to be fun not serious all the time

mmm lime vodkas and lemonades for the cotton mouth!

We love girls with the giggles if there mouth is around my ****..lol ...then with both get the giggles..