There is something just overpowering about being with someone and knowing that is about the sex and nothing else.
The total freedom to let the lust dictate everything, to not worry about may be read into any act that is performed.
A **** for its own sake.
CumbrianGal CumbrianGal
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Very well expressed, sweetie!

Does anyone have decency here to disagree with whats being offered? I have lived that life and it stunk. Having sex with whomever, whenever regardless if person is married is a dry existence. I was single then and would meet folks to have sex with em. I thought it was the greatest to be wanted and desired, but its a lonely way of living and Im happy that love found me and my way of life has significantly improved. Looking back, I wished I wasn't addicted to **** because that was the fuel to behaving in this manner. Im thankful now that I respect women to not go on having sex with anyone and ruin homes, marriages and ones future. God loves and adores you all and desires that you would experience complete freedom in Christ alone 1.800.759.0700. There is HOPE!!!

I'm in and on!

Yep, nothing to do but focus on the moment and the satisfaction if brings.

Sp true.......I wish there was more like you ;-)

oh yea wish more women thought like you .... if you have a need let someone take care of it?

I wish more women had that attitude

Great lady.