We Are Not Here To Make Love But To Have Sexual Pleasure...

I rather be sensual with someone than worry about the emotional out come...  Who needs all the drama and the bullshit...  I know that this has scared many men from me because I refuse to be more than just someone to have fun with.  But the thrill of meeting someone and knowing that you will be satisified and do not need the emotional attachment should make most men happy...  but not in my circumstances...  I believe that I let myself go more with someone when I know that I do not have to worry about any attachments..  I enjoy sex and wont deny myself any longer..  I love when I meet someone and they are in the same level as me...  Especially if they know how to **** a woman correctly... and they understand that there might not be any call backs... I love living my secret life and will continue till I can't anymore
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Just one question angel. How do you stop falling in love?

When my ex and I were in the lifestyle I saw time and time again that men would say this was exactly what they wanted, but would end up pushing for more. It was almost as if they saw a woman like you as a challenge and they would pretend all they wanted was NSA sex in the beginning, but then would try to woo her, and win her over, and get her to fall in love with them. I think this is why many men who are into wife sharing will only let the man have sex with their wife once, and that is it . . . no more contact . . . PERIOD. I was told that it is because they know that some men love a challenge and if they find the wife attractive, and the sex is good, they may try to steal the man's wife to feel superior and boost their ego. Its almost as if trying to get a woman to have sex with them is a challenge, but when they overcome that challenge, it ups their game, and they then want to win at something more challenging.

Women get a bit like this after NSA sex too. That is why it is easier to 'cut and run'. No strings means NO STRINGS right? It just tears some people up when they actually WANT the very thing they are trying to AVOID. It is seldom wise to lie to oneself.

My wife has two lovers who live with us, and she has several other lovers she sees. Her lovers see others as well. We have been fortunate to find many men who understand that we will call them at the spur of the moment to **** my wife. All of the men understand that my wife sees several men a week, just for sex.<br />
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We always tell new guys that they are not the first or the last my wife has had or will have. We do have repeat lovers, several as a matter of fact. The ones we ask to *** back are the ones who made my wife feel the best. The men who like to **** when my wife is on her period are asked back at that time, as well as other times.<br />
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I guess we have been lucky in the fact that all of my wife's lovers are and have been okay with my wife getting gang banged by others. And they have been more than okay to *** over and **** her after she has been with other men. <br />
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Sex is sex. And that is the way it should be. My wife's lovers know she is going to **** other men, and my wife knows her lovers **** other women. That is just the way it is. My wife's live in lovers have sex with her and her sister, my ex wife and her sister, our neighbor's wives, women I work with, our neighbor's daughter and their niece and other women. And that is a good thing.<br />
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We answer Craigslist ads every week and have new men to the house most nights. Most of the men are one timers, some we ask back, but everyone knows that it is just sex. <br />
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Good for you and your lifestyle. We are the same way.

Yes, but your wife has feelings for some of those men, and they also have feelings for her so what you are talking about here isn't what the author of this story is talking about. She is talking about "NO" (they don't love your wife, she doesn't love them or feel anything for them or want them to live with you, etc.) strings attached sex.

If I met a girl like you I would like to share you at once. I love group sex and usually it comes with hassles and emotion, blah blah. You may just be perfect.

It's nice to see a lady take the position that work is work, sex is sex and love making is love making, i.e. you can treay sex separately from lovemaking. I have been looking to a no strings attached sex but the though that the lady might get emotional has held me back. In my circumstances I am looking for discreet NSA fun, but worried if discretion is not maintained.<br />
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I totally understand your requirements angelmorals.

angel, you've really figured it all out. i give you so much credit for sorting it all out and making sense of it. i just wish i was near you so i could become one of your FWB's. i've been in a similar situation and i can say that its best when you clearly set the rules up front and stick to them. <br />
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in my situation, my wife cut me off sex after the birth of our 2nd child and surprised the hell out of me saying that sex was only necessary for having kids. Since we had had 2 kids, sex was no longer needed. i tried to be faithful and celibate for 5 yrs and almost went crazy. i've had a few friends since that time and have decided i'm going to enjoy sex. i need sex and am now experimenting in many things. to find out that at 34 my sex life was over was a huge sledge hammer to the face. i became bitter and worried i'd done something wrong until i realized what you've written about so succinctly. Now if only we could be neighbors...lol

I am there every time I relive my experiences... but I do tell people that when they do the no strings attached that they must leave their heart on the doorway... its a dangerous game and you have to be the smart one to realize it will not be more than it is... just a booty call.. nothing more... nothing less... and I can honestly say I dont do one nighters and that usually its long term FBs I find but I explain to everyone that you need to realize its nothing but a friendship and personal events or emotions can not be spoken to each other for you do not want to change the level... Lots of men I have slept with always are amazed that I am not your typical girl for I dont make demands but the way i see it... who am I to make demands on someone when I cant give more than I willing too...

What you said above is kinda what I was telling someone here about the reasons why some have a one night stand. I think you are pretty in tuned with yourself which I think is actually not common with most people. Just my thoughts. People develop hang-ups over everything because if they are enjoying something, then there should be guilt associated with it as well. Especially with Carnal Things such as this. You write very well btw. Its like you're there.

Thats a good question... right now in my time in life I dont need to be in a relationship.... though work is work... sex is sex and love making is love making.... we all have many superficial life styles when it comes to workng and making relationships at work or having relationships out side the work place... however, when it comes to sex thats is also another style... will I ever find the genuine person i dont know... will i be able to make love yes... probably to someone who is more of a lover... I know that life is full of BS... but can we honestly say in todays life that genuine relationships do exist probably but I have yet to meet the one for me...but if I do than maybe than I can let my heart be involved.... but than I feel why pretend to someone that you want to be in a relationship when you know that person is probably not worth your time to get to know for he/she might have some things you are not interested in or does not appeal to you... but yet the sex is good... can a relationship be ba<x>sed on sex only...no, there needs to be more... <br />
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I am not trying to be cynical but I do have some great Fbs that make life so much better to handle...I feel we need a balance in our life and that includes sex... also know that I have some genuine relationships without the bullshit from each other... but we are just friends and no sex is involved... <br />
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but honestly, why would you lie to the person that you want to be in relationship when there is nothing that connects you but the sexual need...so I am honest with the person and let them know its better to keep it in the bedroom... does that make sense?

like I said, you are a remarkable lady. I still have and have had the same 2 FWB for over 15 years now. We only partake in our FWB a few times a year because we now live in different regions, but with both ladies, we have known each other for more than 15. They are both married now, but continue to be FWB. I know both of their husbands also and we all sometimes get together. (The two ladies also know each other, but not that they are both my FWB) The one difference is that no one knows of our relationships with each other, just that we are all good friends. The reasons we became FWB doesnt matter now, what matters is that we can maintain our anonymity and still be friends and FWB. Before I moved away, it was generally a weekly thing, but by no means was there a schedule. If one of us decided we needed or wanted the other, it was just a phone call away.<br />
It is absolutely without a doubt, the best way to have sex.

Thats a good question...Thehelmsman... but I been in a FB relationshipo now for a year and its been working out. We both understand the rules and we are adults to know there will be nothing more and we both know that it would not work any different.... <br />
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I think when a girl suggests its cause she is more willing.... but its a golden rule to understand there will be nothing more...but a quick **** and that personal life is out,... I know most girls or men can not handle the rules and but it does take someone who is mature to know that there is no hearts or emotions involved.... my FB knows I date but thats all but he does not know who and when... he does get priorty when it comes to our sexual pleasure but thats all....but he does not know what I do and I dont ask him....

you are absolutely right, because jealousy is such a powerful emotion, there are not a lot of people, men or women that can handle FWB relationship. One or the other usually winds up wanting more, and spoils the relationship...<br />
One night stands are easy, they *** and they go, end of story. But to actually have a real FWB takes a special person, well 2 actually. And I think you may be right, most men, or at least a great majority of men, don't like the idea of not being in control, they want to call the shots. <br />
But good on you for knowing who you are and what you want and not being afraid to go get it,<br />
Thinking back, I recall that each time I have pursued or suggested a FWB relationship, it has never worked out, something always changed, and usually very quickly, in fact almost immediately. Thinking back, the only times FWB has ever worked, and continues to work, at east for me, is when a lady friend has suggested it. Hmnnnn I need to ponder that fact more.<br />
I wonder how different NSA is from FWB; or are they one in the same?

Thank you... but its who I am....

I wish I could tell you I am a man's dream when reality men that I been with hate it... They dont like that I after a night or hours of playing...I could just get dress and not call them till the urges wake up... they have told me they feel used... LOL...

I totally agree. Life would be a lot happier and easier if a lot of people lived life this way.

What you need is a fuckbuddy. I have many **** bunnies. Sometimes I just want to **** instead of making love. So it's very handy.

Indeed. You're just the perfect woman for me. I have the exact same needs! =)

That just what i want.


Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!

I cant have the strings that come with a relationship... because of my situation and honesty its better for me,.. I think if you can have FWB and know that there is no strings attached it makes it for a safer sex.... and all you need is be available for each others needs...

Damn lady, your my idea of a perfect woman! Now if you only lived within my area! Bill in Va.

Yes, its a reality but most men I have meet are not use to having a girl be the one to leave. I am not a normal girl and never have been... but my sex drive is high and I know that I can not make a fully commit to anyone. I have someone who lives with me that is not giving me what I want. So I must be honest with the person I am with that I will not be more than a lover once in awhile if the time allows... or till i find someone better

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