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here is an other story. in privite i love to be made over a lot. looking for some one my size and weight to fondle me a lot feel me up at every chance. i also like to be hugged a lot kissed a lot. licked a lot all over. when we go out of the house we would act as normal as any one else. but in private i want to be eaten a live. i,m 5ft. 6in tall. 155lbs. 78 years old and horny all the time. i cant get hard for some reason but i have a nice warm 5in **** that loves to be sucked and fondled.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

You seem selfish in that what you want is all about you. I'm in my 60s and am having the best sex in my life with a man who is my age. He gets turned on by pleasuring me, and has discovered erogenous zones that I didn't even know I had. As a result, I am eager to do whatever I can to make the sex as mind blowing for him as it is for me. I think that if you were to care as much about pleasuring women as you care about being pleasured, you'd find women eager to be your sexual partner.