Fantasy Fest Conquest Part 3

My Fantasy Fest Conquest (Part 3)

                As luck would have it, my choice of bar stools not only provided my with a view of the whole bar (including my new obsession) but also put the men’s restroom directly behind me. By this time, my Coronas were dying to get out and my throbbing erection needed some adjustment. After returning from the men’s room, the bartender is setting down a fresh cold one. He tells me that it’s from the couple in the corner. I look over to the hot couple I’ve been watching all evening and give them a salute of thanks with my bottle. I begin to lift the bottle to my lips to take a swig and stop midway. The husband is waving me over to join them at their table. “HOT DAMN! This night just keeps getting better” I say to myself. I do my best to look cool and saunter across the bar as not to appear over anxious but my mind is telling me to sprint! As I arrive, he and I shake hands and he introduces himself. I return in kind and he introduces his lovely wife. She reaches out a hand with that sexy grin and twinkle in her eye that is unmistakable flirtation and desire. I take her soft delicate hand in mine and raise it to my lips. I softly kiss the back of her hand, tasting the salty sweat and breathing in the sweet light aroma of the perfume she is wearing. The combination is intoxicating and as I release, I move to take a seat beside him. This might appear to be courtesy by not sitting next to another man’s wife and that is true in part but, my lustful urges also nudge me that the better view of the subject of my attraction is from across the table. As I lower myself to sit, I get a very good look down the front of her dress at the magnificant cleavage and notice that her smooth, bald monkey is still exposed from all of the movement. I pause for a split second in the motion of sitting and both of them notice and know why. “You are enjoying the scenery here tonight, aren’t you” he says to me. “Very much” is all I can manage to spill out. “That’s why we invited you over so you could get a better look without falling off your bar stool” he says with a sincere laugh. “Well, I appreciate the beer and the offer of joining you as well” I say, trying to regain my composure. “You know…my wife has been eyeing you as well and has been telling me how she would love to dance with you if I would be cool with it” he says. “And, are you cool with it?” I ask. “Absolutely” he answers “This is fantasy fest, is it not? And, since it’s obvious you’re a local, maybe you can make our last night here one to really remember huh?” “I would love to dance with a beautiful and sexy woman and I will to my best to see that your every desire is met within my power.” I inform them. He gives me a shove lightly with his shoulder and says “Well…go on then…don’t keep my lady waiting huh?” With that, she slides across the bench and grabs my hand, pulling me as hard as she can. The band is pumping out more sexy music as we hit the dance floor and as we turn to face each other, she presses into me as if she has stumbled. Her arms slide around my neck and mine around her waist as she whispers in my ear “Sorry, I’m a little bit tipsy” she says. I’m not sure if this is really what happened or it is just an excuse for her to press into me. Either way, between here large breasts and erect nipples against my chest and her hot breath on my neck sending shivers down my spine, I don’t care! My **** is fully erect and straining against my jeans and her body. She pulls her head back so that our eyes meet. I look into her eyes and slide my hands down and gently squeeze a butt cheek in each hand and pull her even closer to me. “It’s ok…I’ve got you” I say to her and hoping like hell that will be true in more than one sense before the night is over. She feels great in my embrace and is making no move to separate. I glance over at her husband at the table and he just smiles, gives me a nod and salutes me with his drink. The band is still playing salsa music so we separate ever so slightly to dance. She begins to grind her hot wet crotch on my leg as she did before with her husband and I am grabbing her hips as he did. I spin her around and pull her to me as we dance. She is grinding that sweet *** into my hard bulge and I slide my hands from her waist to cup the underside of her breasts.

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May 18, 2012