Fantasy Fest Conquest (part 4)

My Fantasy Fest Conquest (Part 4)

                I let my fingers find here large erect nipples and give them a light pinch and roll between my fingers through her dress. I glance down to see that in all her grinding on my hard on, her dress has ridden up in the back, exposing that sweet, round ***. Feeling the sensations going from her nipples to her crotch, she leans her head back and a soft moan escapes her lips. I feel the heat from the bare skin of her neck on my cheek and the sweet aroma of her scent and it’s too much for me to take. I place my lips to her neck and begin kissing her. I feel her *** press into me harder and she places her hands over mine. Another moan escapes her lips, this time, a little louder as she moves my hands from her  bosom back to her hips. I pull her against me and begin grinding back so that my erect bulge is buried in her heavenly backside. I continue to give soft kisses to her neck and gently suck her ear lobe into my mouth. I feel her right hand slip from on top of mine and find my hard, denim covered ****. As I relax my pull on her hips slightly, she begins stroking my cloth cover hard on. I slide my left hand around and slip under the hem of her dress. I find the smooth soft lips of her labia and she is soaking wet. I slide my finger down her wet slit and inside a knuckle deep, then back up and across her swollen ****. After a few of these, I return my hand to her waistline. As I l side my hands from her hips, up tracing the curves of her perfect hourglass figure, I once again cup and squeeze those luscious mounds in my hands. As I brush my fingers across her hard nipples, I feel my zipper being lowered. As luck would have it, I am wearing my favorite Hawaiian shirt that comes down just below crotch level, covering her hand activities. Since this is fantasy fest and I anticipated getting some action, I am commando under my shorts so, she has no problem finding my bare throbbing manhood with her soft hand. After a few strokes, she maneuvers my erection out through my fly under my shirt tail. I slip my hands inside of her dress and manage to free those big swaying jugs to the dance lights. I figure it’s only fair right! And besides, it is fantasy fest after midnight, in a Key West bar, so if anyone did notice, they certainly would not care. In fact, they would enjoy and encourage such a sight. I guess due to the crowded dance floor, she does something I would have never dreamed of. I suppose it also is due to my having her breasts exposed and working her nipples over. The next thing I know, she has my **** buried down between her thighs. As she continues to grind back against me, I feel the wet warmness of her soaking wet ***** envelope about half of my staff! I can’t believe that she is ******* me right here on the dance floor. I look over at our table to see her husband bopping to the music and enjoying the show of me exposing his wife’s breasts to the bar! I wonder if he has any idea what’s going on down at waist level, or should I say, crotch level! It’s not really full on penetration that’s going on but a major tease for both of us. She slides my shaft along her lips and **** on one stoke and on the backstroke, slips the head in and back down as far as she can. Since we are both standing and moving in what I hope are dance like moves, Full penetration would not be possible anyway. My God, she is wound up and has me right there with her. Or is it my seduction of her throughout the night that has her going. I’m hoping for the latter. Just as I feel myself on the very beginning of the orgasmic wave. She slips of my rigid rod and puts it away, zipping my jeans back up. She places her hands back on mine so that we can recover her boobs and says “I don’t know about you but, need a bathroom break” I reply “I do too” as we head off the dance floor.

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May 21, 2012