Fantasy Fest Conquest (part 6)

My Fantasy Fest Conquest (Part 6)

                As he sets her drink down and slides in beside her, he looks at her and then at me and gives me a wink. I wasn’t really worried at his obvious notice of the post orgasmic flush on his wife’s face, but his wink seals the deal on him knowing and approving of what’s going on. He seems to be enjoying sharing his wife with a new found friend as I hoped for all along. So much so in fact he tells her “Our new friend here was just telling me what an amazing pair of breasts you have.” She picks up her martini and downs half of it in one gulp. Then looks at me as she sets her drink down and gives me that sexy devilish grin she has “Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoy them.” She says. She then rubs and cups her breasts, pushing them up as to display them for us. He then says to her “Ya know…I don’t think anyone in here would mind if you let them out for some fresh air, certainly not anyone at THIS table.” With that she does not hesitate to hook her thumbs under both straps and slides them down over her shoulders. She then slips her fingers inside of the neckline of her dress and in one smooth motion pushes those magnificent mounds up and out while sliding the dress down to expose her navel. She is now sitting there between her husband and I only covered around the waist by her tiny dress. Her **** and crotch exposed for all the world to see. He and I are on the same wave as we simultaneously bend our heads to suckle both of her nipples. She lets out a little squeal as our tongues find her had nipples and his hand slips into her moist cookie. He breaks his suction just long enough to say “My God you are wet baby!” as he goes back to her breast like a hungry infant, I decide to lend him a hand, literally. He has 2 or 3 fingers working in and out of her love tunnel while I massage her still swollen love button. As the pump has just been primed by her recent ******, it only takes a short time for her to reach another peak. This time, she leans over to her husband’s shoulder and climaxes loudly and intensely. She has his shoulder buried in her mouth as to muffle her cries of pleasure. We continue to stroke her wetness and give her nipples oral attention until her spasms have subsided. Her eyes are closed and her head is back against the booth, her breathing heavy and her face flushed. He looks at his beautiful wife in the afterglow and then at me, I think we need to find someplace more private. Since we haven’t run a tab and paid for our drinks as we ordered, there was no wait for the bill. He quickly exits the booth and grabs her by the hand as he stands. Her eyes fly open as she snaps out of her post-orgasmic coma and she grabs my hand, we exit the bar with him in the lead pulling her and her pulling me. We exit the bar to Duval Street, filled with drunken revelers in various states of undress and copulation. It’s the last gasp of fantasy fest and if you have ever been to Key West on a normal Saturday night, you can imagine what kind of free for all this is. He slows down to take in the sight as I take the lead. “This way” I say as I lead them out of the crowd. We reach sunset pier and as I had hoped, it’s deserted. As we reach the end of the area with all of the tables, I slow and release her hand. I stop to lean on and look out at the water over the railing. I feel her close beside me and he is right in tow as she has not let go of his grasp. As I gaze out at the moon light ripples, I hear her say to her husband “I have to have him now please”. I don’t know if she did not wait for his answer or he just nodded his approval but as I turned toward her, she was facing me and going down on her knees. In a split second, my shorts were around my ankles and my erect manhood was sliding past her lips. She devoured and moaned on my **** like it was the most delicious thing she had ever had in her mouth.  I am in heaven and as I look up at him, he is undoing and dropping his shorts as well. In all the running and our excitement, I just now noticed that she has lost her dress and is only in heels. “Looks like she called heads so I’ll take tails” he says. And with that, he reaches down to her hips and begins to hoist he sweet apple bottom up. I can see his erect manhood in the moon light as he impales her on his big **** from behind. Her being filled up by her man causes her to moan even more on my own erection, causing delightful vibrations on the head and down the shaft.

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May 21, 2012