Fantasy Fest Conquest (final)

My Fantasy Fest Conquest (Final)

(I have to thank my friend rick 1714 and his hot wife for helping me direct where this story went)

I look down at her as her lips meet the base of my ****. She has me as deep in her throat as I can get as her husband pounds her from the rear. She screams with pleasure as best she can as her entire body quakes from such an intense climax. Her skin glistening in the moon light from sweat as she skillfully works man meat at both ends, her large breasts swinging free and wildly. I feel myself nearing explosion and by the grunts coming from behind her, I can tell he is at the same point. It’s like we are sharing a brain as well as this sex machine as we both pull out, not wanting this to end yet. She gasps for breath and pants “**** ME!” feeling suddenly empty. “SWITCH!” he says with excitement and we run around her like kids doing a Chinese fire drill at a stop light. I see her attack his large manhood, shiny from her juices as I slide my throbbing bone into her from behind. She begins to deep throat her husband’s big **** and moan as I bury mine in her from behind. I reach under and tease her **** as she shudders with another body packing ****** I look and he has her head in his hands and is long stroking her face as I do the same from behind in her heavenly *****. As her quaking subsides, she slides her mouth off of him. She looks up and tells him that she wants to ride him. He sits on the edge of the table as I release her from my grip, reluctantly sliding out of her warm pink *****. She straddles his stiff ***** and slides down its length reverse cowgirl style.  She closes her eyes as she reaches bottom and gives a guttural “OH YESSSS” through clenched teeth and begins to slowly ride him. Always being the helpful local that I am, I decide to lend a hand, err, tongue I mean. I kneel down between her spread thighs and lick her swollen **** as she moans in ecstasy. I reach down and begin to stroke myself as she pumps away and I lick all over her sweetness and lapping her juices from his shaved balls as well. Seeing this must have turned her on beyond words as she begins to climax again. As she recovers she opens her eyes to look down at me while still riding her husband’s big ****. I can hear him groan and realize he is ready to explode. “I have a great idea” she says as she slides off his **** just prior to his explosion. I let go of my erection as I am at the same point and rise up to let her get down. I am wondering what this sexually charged minx has in store for us next. “Lie down on the bench” She says to me. I lay back on the bench so that my head is at the edge as she directs me. She begins to straddle my face as she looks up at her husband and says “Com on cowboy, ride me hard and put me away wet!” I begin licking her pink slit as she deep throats my **** again. I watch as her man’s big **** is slowly slid in to the hilt from behind up close and personal. She moans with pleasure with my **** head buried deep in her throat. Feeling this, I am licking then both from underneath for all I am worth. Just as I feel my body start to shake with my explosion, I feel her begin to do her climax quake as well. Just then, I feel his legs at the side of my head shaking as well. We are all three riding the same massive orgasmic tidal wave together. I feel my jets of *** squirting down her throat as she swallows every drop. I don’t know how she did it because I have never *** so hard in my life. While this is happening, I taste her juices flowing into my mouth. I have a death grip on her hips to keep my mouth in place so that I can spur on their climax. I see his balls tighten and can actually feel his jets of hot jusm being injected into her as I have my tongue on her **** so I know he is blasting with a force like I did. She releases my spent **** from her mouth with a loud pop as he slides out of her from behind. I lick her clean of their combined juices, after all, he shared with me right. I offer for them to come to my beach front house to clean up and crash if they want. They agree so he dresses her in his shirt and we head toward my home. Once we reach my house and are inside……well, that’s another story.

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That was HARD story. Lucky you.