Just A Walk In The Park

Just got back from a great lunch that ended with me getting a blow job in the woods at a public area. I went over there to eat my lunch as I sometimes do when the weather is nice out like today. This particular area is around a lake that is not only frequented by fishermen, the occasional couple, and several gay men cruising the wooded trails. Well, on days like today when I am particularly horny, I don't care who sucks me off. It's pretty dead there as far as cruisers go but it's a little early. As I am finishing my lunch, I see a guy coming out of the woods to the parking lot. He stops by his car and lights a smoke, and sits down on the picnic table to talk to some old dude that rode in on a Harley. I take off on the trails and go to the usual hot spot for activity. Somehow this guy is already there and asks me for a smoke. I don't smoke and I tell him this and pass on by the first time. I know that this guy has smokes in his car and he has cut off, rolled up, and tucked sweat shorts on that look like girl shorts or maybe guys briefs. I know he is clearly looking for **** by his mannerism and state of dress. I walk out of his sight, unbutton my shirt and head back for another pass. I pause and he says"it's hot isn't't it?" I answer yes and give him the old nipple stroke to indicate that I want some play also. Then head back on the trail. I stop and look around for a few to see if anyone else is around and maybe a familiar face that has sucked me here before. Before I know it, he has followed me. I head back to the semi-secluded spot where he had been and lean against a tree. I have my shirt open and am stroking my semi hard **** through my jeans. He stops and makes nervous small talk all the while I am stroking myself making it obvious. As he looks all around to make sure we are alone, I pull out my **** and stroke for him to see. He looks away but reaches out to stroke me. He stops and I take back over for a minute. He looks away and starts stroking me again. I make my **** and balls more accessible to him and reach out to squeeze his smooth ***. Finally, he leans over me and gives me a quick suck. He stands and looks around nervously again. Then leans over to give me another quick suck. I am giving him verbal approval that this is what I want. He gives me a stroke or two and after another look around, kneels in front of my ****. He sucks me to full hardness and is very good. This is one of those hands free deep throat suckings. It feels great and I tell him and ask "you wanna make me *** quick, don't you?' no answer and he does not slow down. Another minute passes and I ask him if he wants to swallow my ***. no answer and he keeps on bobbing up and down the entire length of my shaft with still no hands. "Get ready for it, here it comes" giving him fair warning and still he keeps on. I reach up and tweak my hard nipples just as I unload down his throat. He swallows every drop and milks my **** for everything I have. He keeps the head in his mouth and sucks me as I convulse against the tree and am flaccid and drained. I thank him and say that I unfortunately have to return to the office. I wipe off with my dinner napkin I brought along, zip and button up, and head down the trail. "I'll look for you out here again though, thanks." He says not a word and as I go around a couple of bends in the heavily wooded trail maybe 75-100 feet, I pass another guy making his way back toward my new "friend". I just smile, nod and say "How's it going?" He answers the same and I head back to my car. As I get close to the parking area it is just now 12:15 and I see a couple more guys making their way back. What a way to spend hump day lunch huh?
indy7up indy7up
46-50, M
May 23, 2012