House Sitting (Second Weekend)

First off it was not as eventful since the neighbors hubby was home, he came home early from his trip because he had got sick or something to that excuse.

When I arrived Friday, he was blocking the driveway with his car by pulling into it my friend's driveway. Since he was out in the front yard with a few friends, I got out and politely asked if he could move it to which he told me to "**** Off And Die!" So I called the police and they made him move it. Upon this happening, his friends quickly left.

I parked and went inside. I felt this was going to be a lousy weekend. Within minutes I heard a lawnmower start up and looked out to see him start mowing his yard. I went back to the kitchen to get a drink when out the window I saw the neighbor woman run out her back door, across her deck, and to my backdoor. She quickly came in, grabbed my hand, and we headed up to the bedroom.

For the next hour all we did was **** like wild animals. She was acting like she had not had sex in a lifetime. She then told me that she should get back before her husband notices she is gone. With that I led her across the house naked so we could look out a window to see where her husband was. He had just started in the back yard. I pointed to where he was. She leaned up to the window and I immediately slid in her from behind and ****** her again till she came...the whole time we have a perfect view of him mowing, and he would have had a perfect view of us if he had looked up and over. She went back to my room and picked up a small bag she had carried over. Out of it she pulled a small pair of shorts, a running shirt, and a sports bra.

She got dressed and told me she was going to tell him she was out for a run. I looked at her and told her she needed to be more sweaty to convince him of this. She smiled and kissed me before she snuck out the back door and down the drive. When she got to the bottom of the drive, she turned and started running up hers. I watched as she got to the back deck and noticed him stop the mower and call over to her. You could tell he was yelling and pointed over at the house I was in. She shrugged her shoulders. I figured he had seen us but then the next thing surprised me. She took off her clothes, laid down, and he dropped down and began eating her out. Here this guy was eating my *** out of his wife's *****...WOW!!!

She pushed him away after about 10 minutes and went inside. He went back to mowing and I did not see her the rest of the day.

Saturday morning I went into work. I told my boss/friend about the neighbor guy and what I did (called the cops) and she just laughed. I then had a great idea. I asked if she wanted to come over for a barbeque that afternoon. She said that both her and her girlfriend would be there about 5. After I left work, I stopped to buy more beer and burgers and buns for grilling.

I got home and saw the neighbor laying out but no sign of his car. As soon as I got out of the car she came over. I told her that my friend and her girlfriend were coming over at 5 and that she should find an excuse to get out. She told me that she will just use the ladies night out excuse. I told her that I would see her then.

Precisely at 5 the boss/friend arrived with her girlfriend. I started up the grill and they helped me put up the privacy shade (of which I was unaware of) that blocks any view the neighbors might have of the jacuzzi. I start grilling and the women go inside to put on swimsuits. When they come out, I almost drop the grilling tongs. They are both wearing VERY skimpy thongs. We have the stereo turned up and they are dancing with each other while drinking beers when the neighbor sneaks over. She tells me that she is happy I discovered the privacy shade and asks if we can have all the shades in the house closed so her husband will not have a view of anything. We do this and then return outside. The two women are now in the jacuzzi. She looks down at them and says it looks nice in there but unfortunately she has no bikini with her. They both immediately stand up to reveal that that are both naked and tell her that it is okay to ***** down and come in. I am just staring at them as she also strips down and joins them.

Now at this point I have the biggest erection of all time...or at least I thought. Just as she gets in, they all start to make out, fondle, and grope each other. I do not know how long I was just staring in a trance but I snapped out of it when they splashed water at me. The burgers were burning. I quickly got them off the grill and turned back to them. They were once again playing and I still had a huge erection. I asked if I was allowed to join to which they all looked up and smiled but said nothing. With that I started to ***** naked as well and climbed in. The neighbor came and sat on my lap as the other two began making out again.Before I knew it, we were ******* and the other two were in a very heavy make out session.

Just then we heard a car pull next door and the neighbor guy coming out and talking to a woman. She jumped up off my lap and ran to the edge of the yard to see who it was. I followed her with the other two right behind me. Suddenly she started to open her mouth to yell. I quickly covered her mouth and the three of her moved her away and in the house. As soon as we got inside, she started yelling "*****, ****, tramp", and a few other things that I am sure you can guess.

We got her partially calmed down when she announced that the woman was her mother. She knew that her husband had another woman on the side and that it was fine but not with her mother. I went to the kitchen to get her a drink and noticed both of them head out to his back shed together. I was curious if he was screwing her mom so I slipped out the back door and made my way to the back of the yard to see if I could see anything. Sure enough, the light in the shed was on and you could see them undressing. I returned inside to see all three of them eating each other out. I just stood there with a smile and a plan hatched.

I let them play for a bit more before I interrupted them and told them all my plan. They all agreed and we set it into motion. All three of them got dressed and walked around the block to the neighbors car that she had parked so her husband would think she was gone. I also got dressed and sat and waited for them to arrive.

Just then she pulled into her driveway with the other two with her and they all got out acting horny and drunk...well the drunk part was an act. They made it to the back deck were they were making lots of noise and began stripping each other down. Soon they were all naked and going at it with each other. I saw the light in the shed turn off and two figures making there way to the deck were the women were now fully involved with each other. Just then I heard him yell at them and then him also scream in astonishment to see his wife. Then I heard her yell at him in astonishment at the sight of him and her mother both half naked. That was my sign to step over.

Everyone was yelling at each other as I stepped over. I announced that they needed to keep it down or I was calling the cops. When I said that, my friend and her girlfriend grabbed up their clothes and headed out like they were leaving (but instead made their way back to the house), the guy started to threaten me, and the mother was in tears begging me not to call the police. The neighbor told her husband to get out to which he was not going to do. I took my cell out and informed them that I was calling the police now. The mother stepped up to me and begged me not to. I told her to get him and herself out of here or I would. She immediately whispered in his ear and he immediately shut up. Both he and her mother ran to their cars and left. Both of us were just standing there. She was pissed. I slowly started to walk towards the house when she caught up to me and pulled right back.

As soon as she did this, she dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants, and began sucking me off. Within seconds of her sucking on me, I blew a huge load which she swallowed up like a woman on a mission. She then stood up, said thank you, and headed back across to the house.

I followed her over where she got back in the jacuzzi with the other two and joined in with them again. This time when I ******** and got in, they never even acknowledged me. I sat there stroking myself. Finally I got up and noticed the burgers sitting there cold and hard and went inside to get something to eat. I returned about 35 minutes later and they were still all going at it.

I decided to go back in and maybe watch some TV. About an hour later as I heard the back door open. I went back to the kitchen again and all three were gone. I went upstairs and they were all in the shower. I decided that it was for the best and decided to go to bed. I woke about 20 minutes later to the feeling of others getting in bed and a *******. I ended up getting a ******* and a ******* over the course of the next few hours. Between them I was ******* off and shooting my load towards the three of them having sex. Finally around 5am we all fell asleep. I woke at 9am and noticed the time. I had to get to work. The only one in bed with me was the neighbor. I quickly got up and noticed a note taped to the phone. It told me to just stay home today and they would see me next weekend.

Before I left, we screwed in every room of the house then went over to her place and screwed in every room of her house and in the shed. While in the shed, we blew my load all over his tools a few times.

I guess I will find out what is up next weekend!

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