Free And Clear.

Before I met my husband, a ring was required before I would even let a guy touch my **** or *****. I was always a very repressed lady and was positive that that was THE way to hold on to a man.  Never did work very well, as every one of them told me thay I was not good in bed. How can you learn to be good in ten to twenty seconds?  Immediately after meeting my husband, I discovered the error in my ways.  I had always equated sex with unrequitted love and he taught me that sex was so very much more.  He taught me well and showed me that my sexuality was my own to share with anybody that I desired to and my live opened up just like my legs.  I revelled in my new found freedom and really made up for lost time, completely changing my lifestyle.  It was party time!  It took{and takes} often no much more than a sexy glance, and I was{and am} yours. Actually they or you ARE MINE!  When I discovered that ******* were just a man{or lady} away, there has been LOTS of them.  Probably over a hundred men still wonder what just happened? No idea who they were and didn't care.  Way over a couple of hundred knew exactly what happened and IS happening.  Men have always been real studs when they have many conquests, and I decided that female equality demanded that women can be just a great a stud as any man.  To be honest, I have lost track, but how many of you canstill remember every single sex partner that you have had? My very point.  Erica Jong was very correct in writing THE ZIPLESS ****. What is the point of needing to know even the name of your last quickie? After all, who cares?  When you get down to the very basics, we ARE all animals, it is just that humans have sex just for fun rather than only for procreativity.  At least, I do.
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Sep 11, 2012