Do I Give Him A Second Chance?

I had sex with this guy back in February, it was a one time thing. I met him on a website, we emailed and exchanged pics then decided to meet. He shows up at my hotel room and we get right to it. He licks my ***** for a few minutes then we start *******. It didn't last very long but it wasn't horrible. It was actually kinda good. He has a big **** which I love. I'm a total sucker for a big ****, and love sucking big ****...that's besides the point.

After we're done he says he's going to get something to drink, find a vending machine or something, and do I want anything. I ask him to get me a bottle of water and he leaves the room. And doesn't come back. The mother ****** lied to me and left! I was very angry about this. I had very low expectations, it was just sex. But come on, any decent guy wouldn't do that. I mean, have a little respect for me as a person. I wouldn't have cared if he left but at least be honest and say, "Hey I gotta go, my wife is expecting me home" or whatever. I told him a few days later that it wasn't cool what he did. He has apologized many times. I am still hurt because I feel really used. Not that I wasn't using him for sex too, I was.

Fast forward to the present. The guy is emailing me saying he wants to get together, wants to **** me, says it was really good, he's sorry about last time, etc. So...should I **** him again? Should I give him another chance to rock my world?
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14 Responses Sep 11, 2012

No way! He had his chance. If he can't show you respect, then there's the door...oh yeah, he already found it.

Four months later...he's still messaging me trying to get me to meet him. Why won't this idiot take no for an answer?!?!

the answer is not in the why, but in the why not....the well is dry, Period

If you do, it will lead to more problems and "NSA" will no longer apply. It almost sounds like he is starting to put strings on it already.

What did you do? I hope you didnt go for this guy again.

Hell no. I told him to get lost. Maybe not quite that nicely lol.

LOL... um, not just no but hell no. Granted, it seems like you pretty much want one thing out of the guy, but by your own admission that one thing wasn't exactly the best ever. Then at the end of it, he tosses you to the side like a piece of used up gum. I'd say no.... there are plenty of other guys out there with big cranks who ~also~ have manners.

Nope; not worth even the sex; self respect is paramount!

As a man, I would give a woman a second chance in that situation but only if she had given me an ****** that lasted an hour as she came non<x>stop, and then ****** me 5 to 6 times more like she was a jockey in the Kentucky Derby!<br />
<br />
Otherwise, no ******' way.

Let that jerk off **** while thinking of your sweet lips and smooth throat. l'd<br />
Let him pine for the rest of his life for that *****!<br />
Keep telling him yes and then say something has come up.<br />
He is a dirtbag of the highest order and deserves to be strung along<br />
What he did was cowardly and totally disrespecting of you.<br />
Yes I am a man, Him I don't think so not even good enough to call himself a boy!

I think you should tell him to go pound sand. First off he didnt eat your ***** until your toes curled second he is just using you for a piece of ***, third I know you got other guys more then willing to **** the hell out of you.

Thank you :) I just have to remind myself that I deserve better. Sometimes I get stuck in that thought pattern of "this is the best I can get".

I've decided I'm not going to do it. I deserve to be treated better!

It was only so-so, and no basic trust/respect. You're absolutely right. There are other fish in the sea!

Good. NSA is one thing, no respect is another.

No second chance. He has no respect

If all you need is a man, you just need to ask. I'm certain that there a plenty within a stones throw right now that would jump at the chance. You never know, the next one might actually have some humanity. You know this one does not.

BTW, he is lying and all he wants is just sex then he`ll leave again.

I know he's a liar and I've called him out on it. All he did was say he's sorry. Which I doubt he means anyway.

Hell no, and if he is`nt good at eating ***** shitcan him.

He didn't eat my ***** long enough for me to make an accurate determination if he was good at it or not. I guess that means he wasn't good at it lol.

BINGO, if he was good at it he would have stayed down there til you hollered UNCLE.