The Sex Dream That Came True

I have been doing my landscape business for 8 years now,and always dreamed of having one of those moments of unexpected sex,but never thought it would happen,...until 3 days ago. I'm 36years old,6'0",200pounds and well endowed. My client,who is 23years old (husband is rich),5'0",105pounds,nice 34c ****,a great,little butt(my favorite!),and very hot. I was doing my normal work around her yard,when I had to fix a sprinkler problem,which just happened to be by her bedroom window. I knew her husband was gone to work,so I was hoping I might catch her getting dressed,or something,to brighten my day.

As I was fixing the leak,she entered her room. I knew she couldn't see me,cause I was hidden by a bush. She opened her closet,to get some clothes,and then she proceeded to undress. YES!!!YES!!,I couldn't believe I was getting to see her finally. Many times I've beat off thinking of her,and now I'm seeing it for real. She slowly took off her dress,showing me those nice,perky ****,and then she took off her little pink thong,exposing that great ***. Seeing this,I couldn't help but to start stroking my ****,and it felt so good. She sat on the bed,and then took off her bra. Those perky **** were beautiful. Her nipples stuck out about half an inch,and they looked like they would be fun to suck.

All of a sudden,as I was stroking my **** hard,she layed down,and began to ********** herself. Wow!!This was to good to be true! In a few minutes,she was squirming,and thrusting her hips,giving me a great show. I knew I couldn't last much longer,as my **** was now throbbing,wanting to come,when she suddenly,turned over on all fours,putting that great *** up in the air,and continued to get herself off. Seeing that *** I've dreamed about,knowing how bad I'd love to put my **** it in her little butthole,my **** was ready to go,when I saw her thrust hard,******* her hand,heard her scream,and thats all it took for me! I shot my load all over my hand,and onto the ground,and it was great! I milked out the rest of my come,wiped off my hand,and put my **** away.

What a nice day I was having. As I was finishing up my work,about 20 minutes later,she came out of the house,acting like nothing ever happened. She said:"How's it going today?,anything new? "I answered:"Same old thing,but you never know what might happen." She then totally shocked me by asking:"Did it feel good to come,watching me?"Not knowing what to say,I answered:"Ahhh!!It was fantastic!,I haven't beat off like that, in a long time,just looking at your smoking hot body,and that *** I've dreamed of *******,it was a dream come true!" She walked up to me and said:"It was good for me too!I knew you were there,and I'm always horny,so I thought I would share with you an amazing experience.

She then told me:"You know my man's away for 4 days,and I'm all alone,so if your interested,I'd really like to see that **** of yours in my *****,and my ***,if you want." I said:"I'll be here after your off work,and show you how good I really am at sex,especially eating your *****,and ******* that *** of yours!' We hugged,and said our goodbyes until later that day. It turned into 4 days of the best sex I've ever had!! Now, I can't wait for her man to go away again!!
peter24 peter24
36-40, M
Sep 13, 2012