It's Just Sex Not Making Love

My wife is quick to tell anyone who may be falling in lust with her and there have been quite a few over the years that she is just having sex with them not to be confused with making love because that's not happening with anyone but her husband. My wife will take it in all 3 holes and even suck another man's **** until he blows his load and depending on how wicked she feels if she swallows or not but she will drain your balls dry satisfying the man she is having sex with but do not even try and kiss her above the neck any time. We have been in love since we were 16 years old and even as I share her with man after man inviting all of them to dump their **** in or on her anywhere she only makes love to me but she will **** and suck you until u r satisfied everytime.
wifeslavetobbc wifeslavetobbc
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