With A Sranger

We met at a bar. I was attracted to her the minute I saw her. She was very sleek and sexy, and I was getting aroused just thinking about her. After about half an hour and 4 beers, I approached her. We then began to talk for a while about everything -- who I was and what I was about, and vice versa. By the time we were done talking, She was was too intoxicated to drive her self home. I offered her a ride and she agreed. The whole way home we start smoking pot, I kept glancing at her, My **** pulsating at the thought of ******* her. When we got to my house, I suggested she come in for a bit. She agreed, and followed me inside. The second we was inside, I grabbed her ***** and told her how much I wanted her. She said she felt the same way, and we began ripping each other's clothes off. I took her to my bed. All I had on was my shirt. I took off her bra and panties, and proceeded to tie her hands to the bed with them. Then, very gently, I sucked on the tip of her ****, but nothing else. Her precum was already dripping into my mouth. She moaned slightly, and I proceeded to suck the tip of her massive *****. Then I straddled her, and rubbed my head through her ****. I kept this up until she yanked her hands to free herself, grabbed my ***, and pushed my **** inside of her. I ****** the girl hard and fast then she *** and should **** me in the *** . I turn her on her knee’s her *** wash wet of her own *** I put my **** very gently in her *** ,she should **** me hard. I **** her hard her *** are tide and it feel’s if her *** take my **** skin off but I like it and **** her good she **** and *** scratch my legs. I **** her harder and fast my hands on her **** she got small nice **** and the nipples is very hard I take my left hand and play with her **** its very hard feels like a small **** ,I play with it and **** her *** then we explode she *** and I shoot her *** full of my *** .............That was a **** from a stranger I will never forget.
JohnSmith44 JohnSmith44
41-45, M
Nov 26, 2012