Some Strange

i want to go to a bar, pick out a guy and just walk up to him...sit on his lap and give him the biggest hottest kiss ever..grind him a lil bit and then walk away and go sit at the bar or a table somewhere, see what he does. if he liked it i'll buy him a drink and send a note to him that i want to fuckk and lets go....his lucky night!!!! you know guys always want sex and always have to work so hard for it and spend all kinds of money on a chick who may or may not go home with would be awesome to give the guys a break for a chance and make it real easy. i wanna go up to him and say..."your gonna get laid" how fun right????

guys your input here would be great cuz i really wanna do this but i'm chicken
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19 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Chicken, eh? I love the taste if chicken and the juiciness from deep within. Mmmm, I'll bet you're even more tasty.

Mmmm, I can't wait to taste those special herbs and spices that are all over you.

If you did this to me ... Let's just sat it would be a fun night for both ;)

Glad to see that some women realize we try so much and spend money just at an attempt to get some. Would be amazing to just be given it once.

So when you going to do this to me? ;)

girl up and do it girl you going to take the lead I'll back you up 100 percent

Go for it. Just be plain, direct and look them directly into his eyes. Something like, "I'm your's tonight" should work very well

You sound like a dream. BTW, I like my whiskey neat. You'll know that I'm interested why I invite you to join me

um so what bar are you planning on doing this, only asking so I know where to start hanging out, maybe I will be the lucky one:)

dont be chicken, i do not know a single guy that would say no to that, I for one would be extremely turned on by it and you would get the ******* of a life time

Do it babe! I think it's a great idea..

this is something so great.. sex with no strings attached .. only physical attraction...

dam i iwsh i was the lucky guy, who could refuse

You MAke this Wolf HOWL!!!!!

Do not be chicken. Break down the invisible barriers that keep you from fulfilling a very primal understandable and perfectly normal desire, go for it Chevelle

Let me know if you'd like to do a test run of your "spontaneous rapture " using me as the willing object of your unbounded intensity. It would be great for you since you'd be like a high wire artist working with a net. Nothing could go wrong and a lot would go right. make sense? I am your willing stunt man


I think you should do it. If you had done that to me. I would have grabbed you and lead you out to take you

I'm really shy and my words stick in my throat whenever I try to approach a woman I've never met before. This would be absolutely fantastic for all of us shy guys. Look for a shy guy when you do this and he will be putty for you to mold and will do whatever you wish. Be careful though you may turn the Teddybear into a Grizzly Bear. LOL

"Bring out the beast" in this Plainwell Michigan Teddybear and you'll hear him growl as he goes after what he wants.

I saw Grand Rapids in a post down the page a ways and thought I'd take a shot. I'm going to add you in just a minute; add me back?

I get tired of men being expected to make the first move. Go for it.

Absolutely, they are probably used to rejection anyway.

I think that is perfect, Go for it! That would be a hell of a night one I for one would love. The guy you chose will be one hell of a lucky guy...

Go girl! Don't even hesitate and lucky he who gets u!

ummm...i want to be that man

Lets do this!

your good loking too !!!!! let me know where to be at !