Last Night

Last night I did something I hardly ever do and I met up with someone from the internet. EP user DennisRock convinced me to meet him in some woods in my village. I wouldn't normally do this but i was ridiculously horny so I though "**** it".

it was 3am and there i was, alone, in some woods, in the pitch black, waiting for this guy. I had seen him one time before but I was still a little scared.

All of a sudden someone grabbed my arm and pushed me to the ground! Before i could turn around to see what was going on this guy was sitting on me and cutting away my skirt and panties with some scissors! I struggled to get up but he was too heavy. My face squashed in the dirt and leaves. Then he shifted his weight to my legs and before i knew it he had forced his **** up my arsehole!! It hurt quite a lot and i screamed soooo loud!
He ****** it so hard for what felt like forever before spunking all inside my bum. He then got up and ran away! When all of a sudden DennisRock appeared from the opposite direction and I realised i'd just been used by a complete stranger!! I was shocked but it got me ridiculously wet so i pounced on Dennis and he slipped into my ***** with the greatest of ease.

B x

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15 Responses Dec 12, 2012

You are very naughty and nice.

You are a bad girl ;-)

wow girl shocking but ooo so exciting??

lol you bad, bad girl...i like....hehehehe

Too bad there was only one assailant and not a gang of them.

I'd love to get up inside you too!

what a hot sexy **** you are . luv it ! growl

Are you nuts, you can not go into the woods all by yourself at 3am in the morning, you could have been killed, I hope you will not be repeating that.

lucky Dennis and the stranger!

You are some piece of work.

So you got raped and it got you hot and you ****** Dennis like a mad woman. Awesome! But I hope you are ok after your rape. How did that affect you afterwards?

So that really was something you enjoyed. Do you wish it would happen again?

Close call! Glad you are safe. ******* hot though!

******* strangers ain't bad if you want to ****. glad you are ok.

Sounds like you got a good ******* from both! Glad your ok!

Glad you enjoyed

Wow, glad your ok!!! also glad you liked it!!!!