Where Do You Go To Get Into A Ladies Panties?

Hello, I was contemplating, how to write about getting laid. HOW? What? Where? And, When? Is the right and wrong time to talk to a woman about sex in 2013!!!!! It's not like the old days of walking into a dance club or bar setting your eyes on someone and going into a corner and getting a conversation going and taking them home! People want so much information before you even get to that point now a days! Do dating sites work? Is old school thinking work on just being your self and grab someone you have a physical attraction with and see how it goes? Or do you go to your local grocery store and strike a conversation up? Does Experience project work? Can I meet someone on here and have a one night stand? Or something more? Or many more? Please write back!

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thomascrownafair thomascrownafair
36-40, M
Jan 7, 2013