Pleasure And Pain

My wife and I recently began living a dominant/submissive lifestyle.  She asked me to discipline her, including spankings.  In the past several weeks we have experimented with different techniques - bare hand, paddle, etc.  Recently we tried a bamboo cane I had in the shed to be used for a garden stake.  

Before bed time, in our room, I told her to put on her high-heeled shoes and her negligee which leaves her bottom exposed.  I then had her bend over next to the bed, which left her exposed, and after rubbing some warming massage oil into her bottom, I proceeded to test out the cane.  

Not only did it prove to be a very satisfactory instrument for administering discipline, but in the position she was in it produced a very provocative wiggle as she tried to stand still against the sting.  That was too much for me, and the session ended with me seizing the opportunity presented by her bent over position to enter her and bring us to a very happy resolution.  I think we'll be seeing more of the bamboo cane.  
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Nice, I love giving my wife a very good spanking!

Thanks for the comment. I'd be interested in hearing more about the restraints. I've added you to my circle. <br />
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You are a lucky man, glad to hear it was a pleasant experience for both. I too enjoy that, and have purchased a set of restraints that we use occasionally. Love to hear from you.