My wife and recently separated. I'm a little bitter I suppose, but no matter. I still get to see my kids and I don't get to spent time at home dealing with someone that makes every day miserable. 

Anyway. This was labor day weekend that just went past and for the first time in years I didn't have to work it was nice. When I went out to pick up more new I ran into an ex that is currently a coworker, but in a different department. We will call her Gina for the purposes of this story. 

When I started working for the company I with now we ran into each other and it was awkward to say the least. We spend weeks just ******* each other and experimenting with each other and other people. By the time we went our separate ways she was really getting into mff **********. 

Anyway she's married now to this fat sack of **** Italian. He's rich so I'm not surprised. However when we ran into each other she brought up our good times. I blew her off because I was pretty much a newlywed and I was trying to be good. 

On Tuesday going back to work after moving out of my house I thought to myself. **** it. 

We have lunch at the same time but I made it a point to avoid her because she was so tempting. Not that day. I approached her and told her.

"Tomorrow you are going to wear a skirt and no panties and we are going to ****."

The look in her eyes were of shock and knowing that I wasn't playing around. I looked for my friend Beth, another coworker letting me stay with her until I get a place, to tell her I would be bringing someone home after work. She smirked because she knew I was going to wreck shop on whoever it was. 

Wednesday: I get to work early this morning make my way to my work station and I see Gina. She's wearing a gray, white and black skirt and a white blouse showing off her massive ****. She was a thick white girl. Curvy not fat. 

She went out of her way to walk past me. I emailed her and told her she needed to work late tonight so her man needs to know ahead of time. Her response was it was already done. 

It was along day but after clocking out I folder to follow me. Beth only lives about 5 minutes from where we work so it didn't take long. 

She'd opposed me up the stairs to Beth's apartment and we went in. I turned around and pulled her to me kissing her hard. She started unbuckling my belt immediately. She wasn't playing around. As soon as she had my pants open she dropped on her knees and started ******* my **** with her mouth. She still had it. She gagged just the right amount likes he used too. 

Between deep throating me and ******* me off, never losing eye contact, she would tell me how much she missed my ****. I told her I'm free for her to have when she wants now and I would make sure to **** her how she likes. 

I picked her up and pulled her to the couch pushing her back on it and told her to show me her *****. Lifting up her skirt to show me her smooth *****. Thank god for her hatred of body hair. I moved my mouth to her *****. And focused on making her ***. Sucking her **** licking her ***** lips and fingering her just right. 

When I felt her start to *** I really put on the pressure tweaking and sucking just right using my teeth just enough. She exploded. She didn't squirt, but she got so sopping wet it wet the couch. 

I slip on top of her and slip my **** up and down her ***** teasing her and then only putting my head just past her ***** lips before pulling back out teasing her just right. She was begging me to **** her and to tell the truth I couldn't wait any longer either. 

I slammed into her soaking *****, balls deep and watched her face contort in effort to take all of me. She begged me to let her get used to me, but I really didn't feel like being gentle. I started pounding away at her watch her huge **** bounce behind that blouse. 

After what was probably only 5-6 minutes I could feel her ***** tightening on my **** as she came again. I just let go inside of her. I came so much I actually got a headache. I kept pumping her making our juices mix and leak out making a mess of that couch. 

I told her to take her clothes off and she followed my command then I guided her mouth tony **** again and she sucked me clean and got me hard again. 

That's when Beth walked in. She belonged past to her bed too and she tried to avert her eyes, but we made eye contact and it didn't break until she was past the couch. 

I ****** Gina two more times and came inside of her both times so she would have to come up with an excuse for jumping in the shower right after work. 

After dressing in my kick around clothes Beth and I cooked a quick dinner and chatted. Eventually we talked about what she saw and we agreed that if tempos strikes either one of us we like do the same. She even told me how much she loves the feel of *** inside of her, but she hates being on the pill. 

I'm so glad I got a vascectomy. 

I'm actually laying next to Beth right now. She says I don't have to sleep on the couch when we ****. 

So now I've got three women I can **** regularly. I don't want to push luck, but I wonder if I can get two of them to play together with me?
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lol why only 2? =) j/ did it ever happen?