Doing It Next to Another Person

Once my girlfriend and I were at a party at a well know actors house in Miami, we had been there about a hour when we wandered down to the swimming pool, people had been lingering around it and not swimming so B and I just took off our clothes and dove in. B was a verry hot petite brunette with a sweet body, after we played in the water a while a few others did the same....a little wine and time B and I started to kiss and make out next to a very cute gay guy that was very buff and tanned..... B liked to tease, I told her that it wouldn't make a difference  or turn him on, she said I was wrong.... duh!  she wispered to me that his **** was getting hard looking at me....Whoo I am bi I thought I might just give hime a better view so I could watch him. B took my **** in her hand and started stroking several people were watching and started to linger closer which was turning B and me on... The guy next to us could have drove nails with his ****... she pushed me back into him, he wrapped his arms around me while she started to give me oral sex... he started pinching my nipples which are pierced,, I just about was loosing it.  hie reached down and wrapped his had around my verry hard **** while she was blowing me.... I lost it The crowd went wild.... B had *** on her face our gay friend licked it off her face, The pool became very crowded... we played all night.... the Guy and I shared his **** with B and he even tried ***** for his first time. We have kept in contact over the years and when I am back in the states we get together with the woman that I am married to now...... Yes I have many more storys like this....

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Tell us some more!

That's a hot adventure! You and your wife sure know how to party!

I'd be interested in hearing (reading) more.