Speedo Fetish Embraced By My Girlfriend!! Amazing Story.

I am 27 years old and my girlfriend of 2 years is 25. We live together and have the best relationship in the world. Our sex life is amazing and love trying new things. Well, I have always had a Speedo fetish (wearing speedo briefs and seeing females in racerback one pieces), and I suggested that we both buy some to furthermore spice up the loving in the bedroom. She was so open to it that it turned me on so much :-) So we went later that day to a sporting goods store and bought 3 speedo briefs for me (solid red, solid black and blue cyber swirl), and 3 for her (2 speedo racerbacks including a solid navy blue and a bright green inflight super proback which i liked the best, and a TYR purple aurora maxback). It was quite a costly purchase, but that was honestly the last thing on my mind.

So we get back home and immediately go upstairs since it was getting late and decided to experiment. She went into the bathroom and tried on one of her suits while I unclothed and put on my solid red brief. I got so excited and horny putting on my speedo because I knew she was about to walk out of that bathroom in her swimsuit and what we were going to do. She comes out wearing the bright green inflight super proback and my god she looked so hot! The suit was so perfectly fitting on her and looked so shiny on her. She looked at me and smiled and told me to come over to her, and I knew this was going to be good.

She is standing outside the bathroom and I walk over to her, put my arms around her and we start making out getting both of us very excited. After a couple minutes we start touching a bit more as I start rubbing her butt and chest and she rubs my penis making me extremely hard. My fantasy has come true. We make our way onto the bed and continue making out and touching each other. As I lay on the bed on my back she starts to run her hand down my chest and stomach to my penis. She slides my penis out of my speedo and starts going down on me as I try to hold everything in. We switch positions and she is now laying on her back looking so hot in her speedo. I rub my hands over her chest and stomach feeling how soft her swimsuit is as I go down on her. I tell her how soft her swimsuit feels and what she asked next I couldn't believe. She asked if I'd like to try one of her swimsuits on. I was faking being reluctant but I really did want to. So I took off my red speedo and put on her solid navy blue speedo. I was surprised how good it fit and made my penis look even bigger.

She said I looked just as hot in her swimsuit as I did in the briefs. My penis is so hard at this point and I feel like I'll explode at any moment because of how soft her swimsuit is and how horny I am. I get back into bed with her and we continue making out, but when she started rubbing me down there it felt so much better because of the fact I was wearing her swimsuit. I get on top of her and slide my penis out and begin going in and out of her. This was without a doubt the best sexual experience I've ever had, and we continue to do much of the same, wearing different swimsuits each time. Sometimes I put one of hers on and sometimes I keep mine on, and we both fall asleep wearing our speedos. Either way, it all feels so good because my lifelong fetish/sexual fantasy has come true and for sure got both of us very hot!

Since this first time, we've done a bunch of other things in our swimsuits including watching a movie on the couch, cooking dinner and my favorite assembling a dresser we got from IKEA. We recorded ourselves assembling the dresser in our speedos, and I sped the video up. I've always wondered what it would feel like/look like moving in fast motion in a speedo. We both had a good laugh at that video and it actually got us quite turned on seeing each other really sped up in speedos.

I can't believe we didn't do all this sooner, we were really missing out....
southbeachkid35 southbeachkid35
26-30, M
Sep 7, 2012