I was working out of town. Went to dinner with the branch manager and some of the people I usually travel with. Sat next to one of the guys at this swanky dim lit restaurant in miami. Started to feel a little more relaxed after the table split a few bottles of wine and reached under the table to push my heels off my tired feet. Brushed the leg of the guy sitting next to me and leaned over whispering "oops,sorry". He laughed and playfully said,Thats quite alright. In fac that felt kind of nice" The wine had me feeling sort of frisky,so I reached down and began to stroke the inside of his thigh. He let me do this for a little bit then put his hsnd down on top of mine,leading it to this enormous bulge in his pants. He felt huge. He let go of my hand and began to rub my legs,pushing my skirt up as his hand slid higher up my pantyhose . We were both turned on by the fact that none of our dinner companions knew what we were secretly doing under the table. I had unbuttoned his pants and was stroking his hardness as I enjoyed the sensationof his hand roaming closer and closer to the center of my desire. He finally reached my wetness, cupping it, slooowly stroking me. My heart was beating furiously as his finger poked my pantyhose up into me,raising my passion to another level. I squeezed my thighs to keep his hand in place as he took me to a silent yet shattering ******. I could feel my juices oozing thru my pantyhose and knew I was covering his hand. It took everything i had to keep from screaming as wave after wave of pleasure ran thru me .As my passion died,I felt his hand pull out from my quiering thighs. He pulled his hand up from under the table,holding his napkin up to his face and let me watch him as he licked my warm sticky sweetness of his wonderful finger. Like i say, i like my fantasies.
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That is a great fantasy...and it could happen...easily...I hope this comes true for you!

So what happened with this lucky coworker after the dinner was over. That was bold on both parties doing that. You two could have been caught.

Oh my.... Add me ;)