This Way I Get The Good Parts

A nice tidy affair... he is out to please me... I am out to have a good time and please him. No worries about kids, about the garbage, about the company christmas parties, about whose turn it is to feed the cat.

Sex at lunch... romantic dinners... hotel rooms...

*******... no snoring... or at least not for long. No having to deal with morning breath.

Only the good, fun parts of an affair, without the sticky parts that later lead to trouble.

Married men... let their wives deal with their laundry.
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
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4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

How delicious, I wholeheartedly agree! There are a few men on EP I correspond with regularly. I am yet to meet them and each does something different for me but each has one thing in common...they are married. One will remain faithful to his wife but enjoys getting his appetite elsewhere (;-)) and eat at home. The others? The thrill of an attractive woman paying them attention must be very tempting indeed. And a post script to this post...I am also married ;-)

Mmm would you enjoy another married man??

More than I can handle at the moment. I was having several conversations the other night...hard to keep track of what I was saying!

...but thank you xx

NP. I will be around. If you find you would like a friend look me up.

Thanks x. Oh look at the line stretching around the x

You really can't blame them can you? With a rack like that it would be hard to resist.

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Hmmmm... something to ponder....

Ahhh.... poor girl at home gets the leftovers, eh?

My sentiments exactly.