Me Too

There are several sexy married women that I have occasion to be around regularly, and I admire each of them. I am not actively pursuing any of them, but I do have secret crushes on them. They are the mothers of my kids' friends, wives in couples we socialize with, women I know at church. While friendly, some don't show a lot of interest in me, but most of the ones I fantasize about have ways of making eye contact, touching my hands or arms or otherwise lightly flirt with me that they keep me turned on.

There are a couple that I am seriously attracted to. They are so unobtainable -- it only seems to make them more attractive. I doubt I'll ever get a real chance to pursue any of them, but it sure is fun to be around them and not-so-secretly admire them.
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

they are never obtainable, it takes time to build a relationship between you and them. they obviously dont want to risk there marrages, i have several married women that i "play" with regularly. the best thing to do is listen to them, there hubbys dont listen usually. i will tell you that there is nothing hotter than getting a married woman in bed...... im telling you its the forbiden fruit and you would be amazed how many women are "willing" if you aproach the situation right.<br />
Good Luck!

You're right and wise to go with the go slow approach and cultivate the flirtation over time. If that's the situation, it makes the build up so much more erotic, intense and exciting. And coming on too strong by a guy would scare her away by nature and especially if you're reading her signals wrong (although I wouldn't mind it if the woman came on strong to me. It'd take all the speculation out of it as to where her thoughts were). However, with that one you mentioned that lights up when you both run into each other somewhere. That can be a good sign, but you also have to be sure it's just not her personality and she's like that with everyone she likes as a person and a human being. Your kids being on the same sports team or at least in the same league will give you some time to see if there are other signs that her thoughts of you are more intense than just the normal human interaction with other members of our species thing. If it's true that she has intimate fantasies about you as you do about her, it will make the eventual time you two do make love with each other and to each other that much more thrilling and enjoyable. <br />
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both.

I know what you mean. Been there. Done that. However, you never know. One or more of them may have the same crush on you. May be not, but we can dream, can't we?