Making Her Mine

A little while ago I was away on business in Dublin, and at the same hotel was an old friend who is in the same industry as me. Over the years we've met up quite a few times and usually have dinner, chat about work, mutual friends, and sometimes more personal things.

After a few drinks, then wine with dinner, then a couple more drinks, we were both feeling fairly relaxed, so I asked my friend, Peter "How's that lovely wife of yours, still just as gorgeous?" and he responded "She's fine thanks, it's me that's the problem". I was intrigued by this and encouraged him " Go on, you'll have to tell me more now you've said that".

"Well" he said "I have this crazy fantasy, and I can't get it out of my head, but Karen won't even discuss it"."'So what is it?"' Peter hesitated, obviously wishing he hadn't started this conversation. "I have this fantasy about Karen sleeping with another man, It's stupid, but the idea really turns me on". I was dumbstruck, but had to say something "I see" I replied rather pathetically " and have you actually told Karen about your fantasy?". Peter looked somewhat desolate and told me the rest "I told her one night when we were making love, and she was so cross she stopped us ******* and pushed me away. She said I should be careful what I wished for, as she might find somone who's better in bed, and I replied, isn't that the point?"

"Crikey" I commented, still somewhat in shock "so are you going to do something about it?" I added, suddenly starting to see some possibilities for me in this. Karen may be in her 40s but she's a handsome woman, and I never quite understood why she was with Pete, he isn't exactly God's gift to women.

"I don't see how I can" he answered 'if she won't even consider it"

"There may be a way" I ventured "You have to get someone to seduce her"

I then proceeded to lay out a whole plan to seduce Karen. Which is why, a couple of weeks later, I found myself outside Karen and Peter's house, holding flowers and wine. I pressed the bell and a few moments later Karen opened the door looking absolutely gorgeous in a little black dress. It was the shortest dress I've ever seen her wear, although not short like a 20 yr old.

She ushered me in, accepting the flowers and wine, as I kissed her cheek. "I'm afraid Aly isn't with me, she had a bad stomach this afternoon, and thought it unwise to come out this evening" I explained.

"Peter isn't here either, at the moment" she replied "but hopefully he'll be with us soon"

I knew better, and wasn't surprised when the phone went and I heard Karen getting somewhat annoyed "What do you mean you're on your way to Scotland? You're supposed to be here, having dinner with David"..."Aly isn't here either, she's poorly"....."Yes, of course I'll still give him dinner, if he'll stay, and the way I feel about you at the moment, I may give him a lot more!"...."You may be surprised what I dare to do" with that final threat she slammed down the phone. There was a slight pause before she swept into the room, looking apologetic " Peter is off to Scotland, so it's just us, you will still stay and have dinner won't you?"

"Of course, I'd love to, we can have a good catch up"

"Good, I'll pour us some drinks, whisky as usual?"

"Lovely" I replied " and in fact I should say that you are looking lovely tonight, that dress really suits you"

"Why thank you, charming man"  She replied, handing me a rather large malt whisky, and sitting down next to me on the cream leather sofa and sipping her white wine.

We chatted away about this and that, catching up on work, family and friends. Karen was quite flirty, and touched my arm a couple of times, which I took to be a good sign. After about half an hour she decided that it was time for dinner, so she got up and headed for the kitchen. I stayed on the sofa and watched her luscious rear undulate as she walked away, concluding that she must be wearing a thong, by the way her cheeks were moving. I looked forward to talking her out of them.

"You can come through to the dining room now David" she called "there's plenty of food, and also plenty of wine, so don't hold back"

I sat at the dining table, re-laid for two, with Karen sitting to my left, one quarter of the way around the circular table, which enabled her to reach under the table and put her hand on the top of my leg as she leaned towards me and said "Be a sweety, and pour us some white wine to go with our salmon" which I did, feeling the first stirrings of an erection as she slid her hand away and picked up her filled glass. "To us" she toasted, and I reciprocated.

"This poached salmon is delicious, Karen, I didn't know you were such a good cook" It was my turn to put a hand on her leg, and she placed her hand on mine as she accepted my compliment "What a sweet man you are David, I'm actually glad it's just us this evening", was that a bad thing to say?"

"No Karen , it was a lovely thing to say, and I totally agree with you. I'm very happy to have you all to myself for a change"

Karen removed her hand, which had been squeezing mine, and got up to get the next course "Beef casserole with rice" 
"Mmmnn lovely" I replied "it smells great"
"Help yourself" she instructed "there's plenty"

It really tasted good, and we were quiet for a while enjoying the food and happy in each others company. I started a conversation again, asking her where she'd got the dress, did she have a recipe for the casserole, or did she make it up, and so on, keeping to neutral topics, but keeping a light level of flattery going. Nothing can get a woman's knickers falling faster than a bit of flattery.

We consumed a bottle of red Burgundy with the beef, which followed the bottle of Chablis with the starter, and the drinks before dinner, so we were feeling fairly relaxed as we headed back to the sofa. Once again Karen sat next to me, but this time much closer, and she put her right hand on the top of my left leg straight away. As she turned her head to look into my eyes I turned towards her and spoke softly "That was a fabulous meal, cooked by a beautiful lady" and then leant further towards her and kissed her gently on the lips. She responded by putting her hand behind my head and pulling me in for a soft, but passionate kiss. "You don't have to rush off do you?" she asked "No, I can stay as long as you like" I answered.

" I have to make a phone call" she said, jumping up and running upstairs with her phone. I followed silently, to the bottom of the stairs, so I could eavesdrop on the conversation.

" Are you sure about this fanasy of yours" I overheard "because I'm ready to go through with it, and there'll be no going back after it's done"......"don't rush back in the morning, wait for my call"

I heard Karen heading back so I quickly returned to my seat.

"Come to bed" she invited, holding out her hand "Yes please" I replied.

I followed her up the stairs, positively salivating at the site of her round feminine rear, and into the master bedroom, where she unzipped her little black dress, and stepped straight out of it, dropping it onto a nearby chair, before spinning round and holding her arms out to me. She looked stunning in a tiny lacy black thong and matching bra. I put my arms around her, and started kissing her passionately, whilst deftly undoing the bra clasp and dropping the bra onto the chair.

Her breasts were full, and rounded, but still firm enough to avoid any hint of droop, which was very impressive in a mature woman. I ******** quickly out of my clothes and pushed Karen onto the bed, kissing, sucking, licking and stroking her aroused nipples, alternating between each breast, sucking one whilst squeezing the other between my fingers, then swapping. After a few minutes I started kissing my way down her body, pausing at her belly button to lick all around inside the little valley, then on down until I was kissing her ***** through the lacy material of her panties. I could smell her arousal, mixed with a little of the perfume she'd obviously squirted between her legs. I wondered when she did that.

I looked up, and looking deep into Karen's eyes, I grasped both sides of the thong and pulled it down her legs as she lifted herself up to let me reveal her sex. It was a gorgeous sex, not shaved, but definitely trimmed, with soft pale hairs in a neat V shape. I couldn't resist tasting such a gorgeous *****, and as my mouth got closer I inhaled the sweet smell of an aroused woman.

Karen parted her legs to allow me full access to her *****, and I started very delicately to lick up and down her slit, savouring the slightly bitter taste, as I pushed my tongue slightly between her glistening lips, gradually teasing her sex open, so I could get at the main prize. As she opened up for me, I started to give her **** a little attention, just licking across it, and then moving elsewhere, then coming back to it, then pushing my tongue as far into her vagina as I could manage, then licking the bridge between her ***** and her arse. I then started to give her **** a lot more attention, circling it with my tongue, flicking it up and down, side to side, then sucking on the hardening nub, before going for a circling motion again.

Karen was really starting to get into this now, her leg muscles were stiffening and she was starting to raise her bum off the bed and she was making groaning sounds, as her breathing got faster. "Don't stop...don't you dare stop...I'm going to ***...I'm *******" she shouted, grabbing me by my hair and forcing my face into her wet pulsating sex. Suddenly, she pushed my head down towards her arse, clammped her legs tight together and squeezed, chanting "Oh God, Oh God, that's so good, I'm ******* again!" Since my mouth was now between her arse cheeks, I forced my tongue against her little brown hole, and after a few seconds broke through her reluctant sphincter. I could really taste her bitter arse taste, as I flickered my tongue inside her bum hole as she rode her second climax.

Finally, Karen collapsed off my head, allowing me to surface for air, and work my way up the bed to kiss her on the lips. She didn't hesitate in kissing me greedily, despite me smelling strongly of Karen sex. Her hand found my semi hard **** and with a few strokes got it to full mast "**** me" she commanded, and I didn't hold back, as I slid on top of this voluptuous woman in the classic missionary position. She was slippery and wet, and still fairly tight, having not had children, and as I pumped in and out the sensation on my rock hard **** was fantastic "Wow, you're big" she exclaimed " you're hitting my cervix, but don't stop, it's good, just don't do it any harder" which I took as a compliment. She felt so good, and as she kept saying "**** me" over and over, I pumped fast and hard, trying to think about something other than how good she felt, to delay my climax. After a little while, I realised that I wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer "I'm going to ***" I confessed "So am I" she replied, and we both ****** harder and faster and climbed towards simultaneous climaxes. In the end I started to *** first, and aware that she was close behind, I kept pumping, even as my climax subsided, hoping that I could stay erect enough to bring Karen off as well. Just when I thought I'd failed, she went over the edge, and screamed as she came hard on my withering ****.

Afterwards, we lay softly kissing, as my penis wilted it's way out of her satisfied vagina, and finally, I rolled off and lay beside this satiated, beautiful woman. "That was fantastic" she declared " I'm not sure whether I'll want to bother with Pete's pathetic little willy after that" she went on " he hardly ever makes me ***"

"I need to shower" Karen suddenly announced "will you stay the night?"
"I'd love to" I replied, kissing her gently on the lips "I'll shower after you"

The next morning I woke about 8:30am, and just lay watching Karen sleep. I had the rather uncharitable thought, that older women mostly look older when they are sleeping and in the morning. The night before she had been a goddess, but in the harsh morning light she looked more ordinary. I was still looking forward to a morning **** though, so I started gently caressing her nipples. After a little while, with both nipples now erect, she rolled towards me, opened her eyes and said "**** me"

I didn't need any more encouragement, as I was already hard. I rolled on top of her, and thrust inside. She was a little wet, but not fully aroused, so she gave a gasp as I burst straight into her sleepy vagina. " Christ you really are a bit big to enter me like that" she gasped "still, since you're already in, carry on and **** my arse off!"

It wasn't the same frantic frenzied **** of the night before. I took my time with long powerful strokes, in a steady rhythm, all the way in and out on each stroke. I could feel the head of my ****, gently tapping her cervix, and on the reverse stroke, I nearly left her completely, feeling her lips just behind the head of my ****.
"Please don't ever stop, Dave, that feels so wonderful" she purred, so I just kept on ploughing in and out of her as she got wetter and wetter. My lover didn't get so passionate as the previous night, instead she relaxed and let me do the work, letting her climax build slowly and without any urging on her part.

Eventually she whispered in my ear "I'm getting close to *******, I'm just going to lie here relaxed and let it wash over me...If you can hold off while I ***, I'll give you a fantastic blow job afterwards"

That sounded great, except that it excited me more, so I thought about non sexy things, and carried on *******. Slowly, but steadily, her breathing got faster and more ragged, and even though she was trying to relax, her grip around my neck was getting tighter. I kept on thrusting, saying "Try to relax, just let it happen" Which seemed to do the trick as she did relax "It's starting....I'm *******"she gasped.

 I kept pumping and yet again reminded her to relax her muscles.

As I steadily pumped in and out, Karen now forced her muscles to relax, and what I had hoped for happened. Instead of reaching a crescendo and then calming down Karen just kept on *******. It was probably only about 2 or 3 minutes of ******, but to me it felt like 10 minutes as I pumped and pumped, still holding back my climax. Karen told me later that to her it felt more like 15 minutes.

"I just carried on ******* for such a long time, it felt amazing! I had no idea it was possible to *** like that" she confided

" It doesn't work with all women" I told her "but when it does, it usually blows then away"

"When I get my breath back I'm going to say a special thank you with my mouth" she promised "and this time you can relax and let me do all the work"

She was as good as her word and gave me a world class blow job.

Afterwards we lay and cuddled for a while, then I told her I should leave, so she can ask Peter to come home.

"What I'm going to say is going to be difficult for him" she said "I'm not interested in sex with him any more. It was never much good, but now I can't stand the idea"

"You're going to have to give him something, if you're going to stay married" I advised "and I'm not going to marry you"

"But you are going to go on ******* me aren't you?"

"Yes, of course, as often as I can" I reassured her

"OK, then I'll offer him occassional hand jobs, as long as he cleans me out after I've been with you, and maybe he can make me *** with his tongue, when you aren't free"

"I don't think he'll be thrilled with that deal" I suggested

Karen had the final words on the subject.

"But darling, he has no other choice"

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Sep 10, 2012