I Like the New Cobbe Portrait of Shakespeare.

What a neat story.  Alec Cobbe, an Irish art restorer, saw the famous Folger painting of Shakespeare at an exhibition, and immediately recognised it as a copy of one that had been in his family collection for centuries.  The age of the painting has been authenticated, and the family acquired the collection from a distant relative, the 3rd Earl of Southampton, Henry Wriothesley, Shakespeare's only literary patron.  It seems fairly clear that the famous Folger painting which is this group's logo is a poor copy of the newly found Cobbe portrait.

Umathena?  Shall we change the group logo?  :-)



EBunbury EBunbury
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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

He certainly has the sort of ex<x>pression I imagine Shakespeare would have had. He has a little twinkle in his eye.