My wife and I have been married for 38 years and love each other, we also like to include others from time to time. just yesterday (8/20/14) we met a guy that I have been chatting with on line. I met him for coffee about a week ago to get acquainted. I know my wife well and i knew she would like him so we set up a time and place to all met. it was at a local bar (a small neighborhood place) we went to the end of the bar and had a seat, with my wife between us. We chatted for awhile and i was rubbing my wife leg and i noticed the other guy was doing the same. I made me really hot and hard! when my hand slid up her dress so did his until he was rubbing her through her panties. then we chatted some more
and i watched him start playing with her breast while i was rubbing her thigh. but what really got me ready to explode is when she reached into his pants and started playing with him and they started kissing. it was really hot! we all had other things we had to do and couldn't take it any further. So next time we may start at the bar but will end up at a motel. ( this is all true and will continue with the next meeting we would love to hear what you all think about it, for those of you that like to share you will understand the turn on of this.)

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thanks for sharing, this is so hot

I love your story! It is one of my dearest fantasies to share my wife with another man -- not only that, but share the other man with her. I'd love to lick them both as he sinks his **** into her and pulls it out again, and at the next move suck him into my mouth... My wife would have been OK with it at the time, but she is no longer turned on by sex so I guess it will never happen. But I'll aatch your pics and dream...

mmm enjoy the same