My Wife ***** A Guy Within 20 Minutes Of Seeing Him For The First Time Ever.

We had a couple of ********** with a friend of my wife, a very hot Latina. One night, we had gone to bed when the doorbell rang. It was her friend, with a male friend. They had gone out drinking and were pretty lit. Her friend had broken up with a boyfriend and had gone out with this guy just to get out of the house and cheer up.

My wife got up to let them in. I stayed in bed and went back to sleep. My wife had on a black silk nightgown with a see through panel that went diagonally from right hip up to her left shoulder. It passed right over her left breast, which meant pretty much her whole breast and nipple were clearly visible. They sat in the living room on the couch, with my wife sitting in a chair facing them. I imagine the guy was pretty much staring at her *** the whole time, which of course my wife loved. She's quite a tease.

After talking for awhile, my wife told them they were too drunk to go home so they should stay in the spare bedroom. She took them into there, had them undress and put them into the bed.

She must have liked what she saw, because I was soon woken up by my wife leading her naked friend by the hand into our bedroom. She told her "you sleep in here, I want to sleep with Jim (her friend).

I of course was delighted and quickly began eating her friend's *****. I kind of screwed up because, before I could get to **** her, she got up and said she couldn't do it, because she was still upset over breaking up with her boyfriend. She got up and went out to the living room and sat on the couch. I lay there in the bed kicking myself for not starting to **** her sooner.

However, I soon heard the sound of the bed in the next room making a rhythmic squeaking sound. I got up and went to stand closer to the door, which was still open. They were clearly really going at it. What a great sound! What an unexpected treat for me! They ****** steadily for maybe 10 minutes, with me loving every second of it.

Suddenly I heard my wife's voice, very loudly, saying "Oh Oh, Oh, Take it Daddy, TAKE IT!". That is what she would say when we were ******* and she was about to ***. I stood there enjoying the whole thing. Made up for not getting to **** her friend.

After they finished, she came back into our bedroom and her friend went back to the other bed. I know the guy was completely blown away as he had just gone out for the night and knew he wasn't going to **** the lady that night, then out of the blue he was actually getting some nice *****. I quickly licked out my wife's *****, tasting his *****, then ****** her nice stretched open slick *****.

The next morning, they got up and went to go home. The guy asked my wife if she liked dancing (she loves it, and I don't really dance much at all) and if she would want to go out dancing some weekend. She of course said yes, that would be fun. I shook his hand and said I hoped he had a nice night. He said it was very nice. lol

He called later on and they made plans for the next weekend. Will tell about that in the next story.

On a previous visit, I took several pictures of her friend in our backyard the next morning after she spent the night with us. Here is a pic of her. She had a great body and was a fun ****. Both my wife and I ****** her the night before. Enjoy her pic:

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yes you are a luck husband and I sure would hope your wife would take me by the hand and lead me to the bed to **** her. Raise her legs on my shoulder and if possible hold them down next to her ears and **** the hell out of her and also **** her *** and cuum deep in her ***. that is my favorate position to ****.