My Wife ***** A Guy Within 20 Minutes Of Seeing Him For The First Time Ever. Their Followup

Continuing on from the last story where my wife and I went to bed one evening, and less than an hour later, I unexpectantly got the wonderful gift of having my wife being ****** in the next room by a man neither of us had seen before. You may recall, as he was leaving the next morning, he asked my wife if she would want to go out dancing some evening. She said that would be fun.

You just knew he would call and indeed he did. The next Friday he came by to pick her up. As they were leaving, I shook his hand and told them to have a good time.

I spent a good amount of time imagining what they were doing, slow dancing and grinding etc, and about midnight I went to bed.

I was awakened by my wife laying on top of me, passionately french kissing me. I caught a glance of her date walk by the bedroom door heading in the direction of the spare bedroom.

Groggily, I asked "Do you want to make out with him?" She french kissed me and shook her head No. I asked "Do you want to give him head?" She again french kissed me and shook her head No.Then I asked "Do you want to **** him?" and she very forcefully shook her head Yes! I told her to go ahead but leave the doors open so I could hear everything.

She quickly ******** down to her panties, and put on a robe. She walked into the living room, then came back and asked "where did he go?". I pointed to the spare bedroom. She turned off the light and walked into the spare bedroom and within few minutes I started to hear the rhythmic squeaking of the bed. All the lights on the house were off, and it was completely silent except for the sounds another man having sex with my wife in the next room. The mental pictures in my mind were in many ways even better than actually watching them. The rhythm would go for a few
minutes, then got quiet with just the sounds of light kissing, then back to the rhythm. After maybe 20 minutes, I heard her "Take it Daddy, TAKE IT!" ****** signal, then finally silence. He got dressed and my wife walked him to the door naked. She then came back into our bed and I quickly got the great taste of a mix of sweat, *****, and vaginal fluid as I tongued her *****. After drinking that up, I quickly ****** her then fell asleep.

The next morning she filled me in on how it went. They got to the club, and danced a lot. She said on the slow songs he was grinding her and she could feel his hardon pressing her stomach. When they left, they got into his car. She lifted her dress up, took his hand and placed it on her ***** and told him to feel how wet she was. He fingered her then said they should go to a motel, but she told him I was OK with it so they could just come back to our house to ****, which she knew I wanted to hear anyway.

My wife wanted to **** him again later, but I think he was a bit weirded out by having me around so he kind of flaked out on it. No matter, she had no trouble finding other guys to ****.
Willy1776 Willy1776
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Nov 29, 2012