The Very First Time...

I think back a few years and remember the very first time my wife had sex with another man, with my permission...
I remember it like it was yesterday. We had talked a few months about having an open relationship and also about having a *********. My wife then didn't have any girl-girl experience but was bicurious.
We decided to start slowly, separatly to build confidence and experience. We made a plan that almost sounds ridicoulus now, considering the situation we are in now, but then it was really hot. We ****** as rabbits and looking back I can say that during that period we had the best sex in my whole life.
The plan was that she would date men solo, build confidence, and then date a girl solo, and then a ********* with me and her and a girl.
We also talked about her, men and an extra man. It was hot also. Many nights when we were having sex we were roleplaying, I ****** her from behind and said, imaging one extra **** now, in your mouth. She was usually very turned on by the idea.

Back to the subject now..

She had put up a profile on a known "cheater" style dating site. No pic or anything. I think that the first two days she got over a hundred answers. She was a littly shy and didn't want to show me the messages, not even her profile name.. I was understanding and trusted her completely so I didn't ask.
A few weeks passed by and she told me that she had a date this friday. We were both very excited but I could feel that she was little shy and almost ashamed infront of me. She constantly reminded me that she wouldn't do anything with this guy if she didn't like him and that I shouldnt have any expectations.
She was so nervous this friday that she took the afternoon of from work. We had lunch that day and togehter went shopping for the night. She would bring the wine, he would bring some food and make a reservation for a hotel room.
We went to the store and looked for wine. Since neither of us knows much about wine we asked a store clerk. He recommended an Italian Amarone wine and some other bottle I don't remember. When we payed I took it on my credit card. I joked and said to my wife that isn't it funny, I buy and pay for wine that she and her lover is going to drink. She blushed and said I was silly... We then went and she bought a new pair of stockings, not fishnet but real hot anyway. I went back to work and she went home after that.

The deal was that they would met at 8pm. When I came home after work she was in the bathroom, more nervous than ever. She said that she was unsure if she would follow through this. I said to her, what do you have to loose? If he isn't attractive, don't do anything, just go home.
She showered, shaved her legs and *****. She was beautiful and hot. I was as excited as she was. I told her how proud of her I was and liked the fact that my wife was going to have sex with another man for the first time in our marriage (I thought then..)
She put on a gstring, her stockings and tried atleast four different dresses and skirts before she settled. Then I took the camera and asked to take a pic of her, she asked me why? And I said that I wanted to have this as a memory from her first date. She shook her head but allowed me. to take the pic.

I drove her into town and she suprised me when I asked her what hotel she was going to, just drop me off at the grand central station she said. I will go myself from there. I asked why and she said she didn't want me to know what hotel she was going to! I said that I was just worried about her safety and should now. I could now see how nervous she was and was afraid that she would cancel the whole thing if I pushed it further. I accepted her explanation that she could take care of herself and dropped her off. I then drove home and waited.

I had dropped her off at about 7.15, when the clock was 8 pm I was thinking, this is it, now she is going to meet him! At 8.30 I was wondering, what is she doing, is she eating, drinking, *******? I sent her a text message asking if everything is alright. Two hours later I got a reply, one word: yes
I tried to get some sleep but was to excited so I took a scotch and a beer, that calmed me down a little. At about 1am I got a new text, can you meet me at the bus station? I called her immedeately and had a thousand questions, she just said, I cant talk now, I am on the bus.

I met her at the bus station and hugged and kissed her. My first question was, how was it?
She giggled and said, good.

In the car home she told me most details, he was as nervous as she was. He was married and cheating because of revenge to his wife since she had had an affair. First they talked, ate and drank some wine. He was really cute but not really her type she told me. But then she decided she told me, she downed an extra glass of wine to get courage and they moved over to the sofa after they had eaten. She took his hand and started to play with his fingers. He didn't take the first move, she did. From that on they kissed. They moved over to the bed and cuddled for more than half an hour before the clothes went off. There and then in that hotel bed my loved wife for the first time that I know of sucked her first **** outside marriage. I know now that she had cheated on me once before but I don't know any of the details so I don't know if she had sucked **** or "just" ******. She sucked him for a while and then he went down on her.
I remember that she laughed when she told me that he was very fond of her totally shaved *****, his wife didn't shave at all and he liked my wifes ***** better. He was however not very good at eating ***** so she guided him to **** her.

He put on a condom and ****** her only in missionary and with her on top. No doggystyle or nothing kinky, however he was her first official **** as a hot wife.

Sorry for being short of details her but I don't really know anything more.
She said that after they had ******, they showered together and she played with his **** but that they didn't have any more sex. They did it just once and then they left the hotel together and split parts after he followed her to the bus station. The fact that they walked hand in hand there excites me almost as much as the fact that they were having sex...

They kissed and she went on to the bus and texted me.

When we were driving home I couldn't let my hand stay away from her thigh, I gentled it and felt up her skirt. I could see that she was still horny. We then did something for us unusual, we stayed at the remote end of a deserted carpark and she gave me a *******. We were both turned on and when we were finished we said to eachother that as soon as we got home we would **** in bed. However when we came home we were both tired. But we felt asleep in eachothers arms and that morning we both looked at eachother in a slightly different way.

I must now a few years later say that this was the best part of our lives. Now when I am on the brink of loosing my wife to another man, her steady boyfriend of more than a year I still don't regrett the path we choose. If we didn't do this, maybe something else would have happened and we could have had another crisis.
I still love my wife veeeery much, but for now love hurts really much, specially knowing that she loves someone else also. I cant do much more, I hope that she will se what she has and value me enought to not divorce me. I have told her that I don't want her to stop seeing other men, but that I want it to be the two of us forever. I don't know what decision she will make, I don't know she knows that either now.

But I know onething, if we divorce and I meet another woman, I don't think I could live with a non-hotwife anymore....

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much pleasure for many years! THAT IS MY WISH FOR YOU!

Very hot
If I were to do this I don't think on going lovers is healthy
But very hot sir

I hope your wife comes to her senses before it is too late. "Love" is not something you fall into or out of. That is chemistry, and of course there is going to be more of those exciting feelings with a boyfriend, with whom she can enjoy sex, but without the day to day problems, annoyances, and conflicts that defne every marriage.

Love is something you choose to do, a commitment you make. At her age, she really ought to know better than to allow fancy or whim to guide her actions. If she does, it is likely she will come to regret it. A few years down the line, what was once an exciting new lover will become routine. They will stop putting up a front and pretending to be what the other wants them to be. I don't know if he'll agree to her being a hotwife with him or not, but in any case, he will always know that she left her husband to be with him. Why would he ever think that she wouldn't leave him to be with someone better?

If he doesn't share her, that doesn't mean she won't have emotional entanglements and distractions when the magic of a new relationship starts to morph into the reality of a LTR. I hope she grows up quick, before it is too late.

I agree with every single word you wrote, to bad my wife doesn't see it that way :( I still don't know what road she will take, read my blog for more everyday thinkings, please feel free to give advice. I am afraid that she doesn't want to give me and the children any bad news infront of christmas and new year, I have a horrible feeling. God I hope that I am wrong.