My Wife And Her Friend Have A Very Hot Night Out

This story ties in with another story of mine, EP Link, which happened a couple of months after this.

One evening, my wife and her nympho friend decided to go out to a club to dance. Her friend loved ******* so much she would literally **** guys within minutes of meeting them so I pretty much knew what their real mission was. My wife asked for some money to have for the evening. Her friend suggested that we play a bit of a game so she could earn it. She proposed that my wife suck my **** and that she would get a dollar a minute for the time she did it. Her friend said she would be the time keeper. Being a bit of an exhibitionist, I loved the idea of having my **** exposed in front of another woman.

They were sitting on the couch. I stood in front of my wife and pulled my pants down. She leaned forward and took my **** in her mouth. She began slowly sucking it while her friend watched intently. Her friend would call out the minutes as they went by. Knowing that she was watching my **** closely was pretty exciting. After a bit, my wife asked her friend to let me see her ***** to get me really excited. Her friend pulled her pants down to her ankles and spread her knees apart so I could get a real good look. I had never seen it before so it was quite a treat. So I was staring intently at her ***** while my wife slowly sucked me.

We took a 5 minute timeout so my wife could rest her jaw. Then the fun continued. After 20 minutes, she said that was enough, so I gave her 20 bucks and off they went.

I was so horny all evening imagining what was probably happening. Finally went to bed and when I got up the next morning, they still hadn't returned. My wife came home around 9 AM, and filled me in on all the details.

Soon after they arrived at the club, they started dancing with guys. A couple of them they took a liking to so started doing some suggestive dancing with them. Not long after that, the one guy my wife was dancing with said he was the manager of a health club just a block away and suggested that they head on over there. It was closed so he unlocked the door and the four of them went in. The 2 couples went into 2 separate changing rooms. My wife took off her dress and said the guy was just really excited seeing her naked and got super aroused. She laid down and the guy lay on top of her and started *******. My wife was very aroused and was ready for a real good hard ****. Unfortunately for him, he was so excited that he came within less than a minute. My wife loves a long hard **** so she went ballistic! She apparently started cussing him out and yelling at him, saying that it had been hardly worth her time. I'm sure he was quite embarrassed.

When her friend and the other guy finished, they came out of their room. They of course had heard everything. They were trying to calm my wife down so the other guy suggested that my wife and her friend follow him over to his house and they could continue. They followed him to his place where all three got undressed and got into his bed. He started ******* her friend again, since that was the woman he had picked up first. After a bit, her friend, knowing what had happened, said "Di, I'm pretty worn out from the ******* and you know he really wants to **** you instead of me". My wife said OK, so the guy got up, took a quick shower and came back to the bed. My wife told him "I just want a long, slow ****", so he obliged. She told me he ****** her steadily for about a full hour. She finally got what she came for. He said he was an incredible lover, one of the best she had ever had and really loved it. I love it when another man really satisfies her.

Now, the tie in to the story I referenced above involves the guy that ****** her first that night. It's pretty funny and I will write that up pretty soon when I get a few minutes. It turned out pretty nice for me.

Willy1776 Willy1776
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Dec 16, 2012