Her Story

My girlfriend had another encounter with her new lover. This time I was able to talk her into writing her own story of what happened. The following is her detailed account of what happened.

My Adventure

While I was cleaning up my classroom, my new lover entered and shut the door behind him. Assuming the worst, I thought a student was running down the hall, but I was wrong. He went over to the windows and began shutting all the blinds in the classroom. I stared at him, puzzled, trying to figure out what was going on. After all the blinds were closed, he then turned his attention to me, and began to slowly walk towards me. He took my face in his hands and began to kiss me as he pushed me against the door. His hand slowly moved down my face, neck and landed on my breast. He began to squeeze and smiled at me, saying “These are glorious” and began to kiss me again. I stopped him because I was afraid someone would enter the room, and he agreed and promised of more to come later.

When the school day ended we both went our separate ways, knowing that soon we would be in his apartment to continue where we had left off in the classroom. When I arrived, I knocked on the door and he answered with a big smile on his face. I went into his apartment, removed my jacket and shoes, while he removed his glasses. I gave him a puzzled look as to why he would take his glasses off. He then began to kiss me… I mean REALLY kiss me. His hands quickly went to work removing my sweatshirt. Then, he slowly began to remove my shirt while he was kissing my neck. I could feel him breathing on my neck and it was such a turn on to know he wanted me so much. As he removed my shirt, he once again reminded me how much he enjoyed my ****. I returned the gesture by taking the bottom of his shirt in my hands and pulling it up over his head. With one swift motion, my bra was gone and he was kissing me and walking me towards his bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, I quickly felt the bed behind my knees and sat down. He kept kissing me as we moved further onto the bed, with his one arm wrapped around my waist guiding me where he wanted me. He was lying on top of me and kissing my mouth, my neck and my shoulders. I nibbled on his ear and I could feel him catch his breath and I knew he was enjoying it. I then pushed him off of me and began to remove his belt, and he copied my motions. Once we were both naked, I wrapped my legs around his so that I could feel his penis up against me, and it drove him crazy I wasn’t letting him inside me yet. He squirmed and grinded against me, until he finally took charge and got on top of me once again. He slowly began to enter into me… so slow that it was almost painful because I wanted it so much. His penis was long and thin, and when he was all the way in, I couldn’t help but to let out a little sigh and give him a big smile.

He started slow, all while kissing me and holding me close. He would whisper in my ear how good I felt as he thrust himself inside me over and over. I could feel myself climbing towards an ****** when all of the sudden, he slowed down and was only putting a little bit of his penis inside me. All that build up turned into extreme want because I wanted him to continue. He gave me a little smile and asked me to get on top. Gladly, I pushed him onto his back and lowered myself onto him. I sat up and leaned back so that he had full access to my ****. He played with them as I rode him slowly at first, and began to pick up speed as I could feel myself building again. Then, without warning, I climaxed as I fell forwards towards him. Once I had caught my breath, I began to continue to ride him, changing speeds so that he didn’t know what was going to happen next. I could feel his pulse getting faster, and I knew he was getting close to an ******. I leaned close to him and whispered in his ear that I wanted him to *** for me. Those words were his undoing, because he then took control and began to move quickly and hard until he climaxed. He looked up at me and gave me a few very soft and sweet kisses and then rewarded my work with a smile. Then, he moved me to his side and held me close with promises that he would visit tomorrow.

letsgopens1982 letsgopens1982
26-30, M
Jan 10, 2013