Boss Groped My Wife

As a belated Christmas treat my Boss took us all out to a club. The husbands took their wives and the wives took their husbands. As usual the area near the bar was crowded and that was where we stood.
My wife was wearing a thin material dress and I knew that if i got her in the right position near my Boss he would probably touch her. He has often told me about his dirty conquests.
I made sure that she drank lots because I know that when she has had a lot to drink she gets a little silly. I got her right uop close to him and she was moving to the rythem of the music.
The Boss had arranged cars to take us all home and we squeezed into the back of one of them with him, his wife and another couple. It was very crampted. After a few minutes I put my hand under her coat across her to feel her ***** through her dress. As i felt my way down I realised that she was wriggling her hips a litte. I looked the other way and moved my hand slowly until i slightly touched my Bosses hand that was already under there and moving slowly into her cunny.
The next day when she woke up and sobered up she said that she vaguely remebered me fingering her in the car on the way home and that it was dangerous because of the others in the car.
I never told her it wasn't me. I did get her knickers out from the bin though and could smell that sweet aroma of her *** in them and enjoyed a lovely W ank knowing that my Boss had fingered her.
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The best part of being tipsy and in a crowd is that hands start groping and your wife always says she "thought that was you" feeling her up....great Christmas Party....I have to say, we have been to a lot of FUN Christmas parties, too...

id like to share a cab with ur wife