Got Caught Sharing Her Pics...

I enjoy taking pics of my wife from early on in our long and solid relationship. She enjoys modeling, especially if I give her directions. I had built up a nice collection over the first 5 years of us being together. She always said not to show anyone. But I couldn't resist. 

I had send some pics to a trusted friend who has a hot gf I was interested in seeing too. I have shots of us doing wild things, including a bunch of really hotfacials. The pictures I send were rather tame though, to keep it on the safe side, of her stripping and posing nude. I was really nervous about this at first, but as my friend and I were e-mailing back and forth for a month I got relaxed about it. 

My wife caught me when I got a bit too relaxed. I had read an e-mail from my friend before going to the gym. He was commenting on some pics I had send and had send me a picture back. I had to rush, so I didn't have time to open the picture. I just closed my laptop without shutting it down or even logging out of gmail. When I got back, my wife was in bed (like always when I get back form the gym late). I was looking forward to look at the picture I had received and jerk off before going to bed.

I opened my laptop. And I saw someone had already replied in my name. The message was short. It said 'Hey guys, go easy on my pics ok?' and it was signed by my wife. I went upstairs and to bed, to find my wife still awake. 'So you looked in my inbox,' I said (clearly a defensive tactic). I was a little scared. 

She told me she was dissapointed. I had agreed not to send the pics to anyone. She wanted to know where else her pictures had ended up. I told her the truth, only a handful of really good friends had seen them, and I never send anything explicit. After that... Rather surprisingly... She went down on me and we had really hot sex. 'Why do I get so turned on when you have been naughty? I don't understand,' she said while I ****** her. 

After the sex, we made some new rules. It was ok for me to share some pics, as long as I keep the explicit stuff to myself. And she didn't want her pics posted on the internet. Great!

For a while I played by the new rules. But again, I couldn't resist the temptation in the long run (to be continued...). 


Braboman Braboman
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Great fun! Love that your wife got hot thinking of others seeing her pics. Think many wives enjoy the idea of others seeing them naked but are concerned how it may affect them and what others will think of them...

would love to trade some pics with you to see that hot body your wife has. she looks amazing from what i can see.

You pays your money you takes your chances, the whole thing can blow up on you, good luck