BBC Women On This Site?

This site has many, many members, the majority of whom seem to be men.

Looking at the ava, one would be led to assume that this site would be about women who shave their heads. That's why I looked in on it. I'm a BBC woman interested in other BBC women's views, techniques, concerns, etc about our common "alternative" choice of hair style.

Anyway, the ava for this site is a bit misleading first, because it has so many members and so few stories. And of those stories, most are about below the waist. That's okay, because I'm fairly new to that area of erogeny ( how's that for a new word?lol.) To the point-- of this vast number of members, how many are BBC women or even have a passing interest in it or becoming one?

Don't get me wrong, I'm encouraged that there are so many men on this site that find women's shaving- particularly down low to be interesting. I'm a bit disheartened that they don't follow the ava in shaving the other area. It, too, can be quite an erogenous zone for those of us who are into it. I realize a woman shaving her head is not exactly "mainstream" but there must be a few of us out there!.. maybe?In my little backwoods community, such activity simply isn't shown. I have to resort to subterfugenous means (another made-up word,ha!) to go undetected. It would be refreshing to get a woman's perspective on this thing of mine, that's all.
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5 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Shaved is the wayto go! No short hairs to get in the way!

i had dream found man would like allow it me for keep my scalp smooth shave or he will help me shave my hair off and he will compliment me how beauty i am after i am bald...I wish i can find it the guy like my dream have feel same like me and enjoy do headshave with me

Hi. You speak very passionately about being bald and thats wonderful. I just wish there were more of you!! Different I know, but I loved being a shaved man.
I always kept my hair short but always
wanted to be bald. I just kept going another grade lower on the clippers each time I had my haircut and eventually it all went. Only trouble now is my wife will not shave my head for me as she hates it. I have never had my head shaved by a
barberette before, I mean with cream and a razor but hope to change this soon!

Both!!! She does not like the look of my shaved head and certainly does not like to shave it for me. Unless I do it myself, think I'm going to have to go elsewhere!

Fabulous sweetie

Fair enough girl. Agree, the shaving tends to be below stairs but the head can also be hugely erogenous and the act for the shaver and shavee can be equally arousing. Long may you enjoy both.