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Bought My Wife A See Through Blouse

I have just bought my wife a black see through blouse. Even though It is only see through in the right level of light she is quite shy she was a bit uncomfortable about wearing it at first. I got her to try it on and while she was changing I dimmed the lights so that when she returned and checked herself out in the mirror not a lot was actually visible so she agree that she would wear it when we went out.

Thinking that we should be a little discrete I told her that we needed to go to the next town to look for some bathroom tiles as we had previously already been to our local outlets so we jumped in the car and off we went.

As it was a cool day she also had on a short coat .....damn!! ..... but even so as we walked around the tile shop and when her coat fell open her lovely 36 DD's were a sight to behold! She wasnt aware that she was showing so much and I was not goint to tell her. The guy in the store must have thought it was his birthday and christmas all rolled ito one. He could not do enough to show her his full range of tiles whilst eyeing up her breasts and trying not to be obvious about it. I was walking aboutv like a three legged man.watching the scene before me.

All too soon we were back in the car and on the way to our next stop...................!!!

Please look at the photos of her in the blouse and let me know what you think.

The details of the next stop will follow soon..
muffty muffty 46-50, M 35 Responses Jul 26, 2010

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Great story, and a great top for her if it is the black one in your photos. Any more recent adventures?

Love it!

where do i see these pics?

I'd love to see those pics

I'd love to see...

Email me at

Saw the shirt!!!
She's not that shy… That must have been such a thrill for you!

Would like to be on your friends list!

I first met my lover at the grocery store.She came in with her hair in a bun white lace blouse black leather skirt stockings with seam up the back 6in heels. 38 yrs her juinor I have. Loved her for 26 years thanks to the seethru blouse

Great story.. would love to see pics..

excellent story!

Very sneaky of you. I love it. I should try that trick too so my wife will not notice how see thru some of her shirts are. I did get her to go out one time in some sheer yoga pants because she did not realize just how sheer they were in the back. It was hot!

Sounds hot would love to see the pics that go with this story.

I so love the idea.. turn on..

that's great fun! We loved it!

love to see a pic?

talk about nice views 72dust is truly one of the highlights here very sexy

It's amazing how much fun it is watching others enjoy (as much as you do yourself) your gal's nice rack in a see through top.

sexy nice cleavage shot and that color is hot on her skin too very HOT

Please add me, sounds great, would love to see.

I would love to see your wife in that blouse. please add me

Now you've got me all turned on like the others, please add me also. I love the view, and the courage of the women who give front to the community, so to speak.

Love to see the photo's.

Love to see the photo's.

Would love to see your photos...?

Great pic, the wife looks beautiful and sexy. Sheer blouses are always a turn on. Thanks for sharing, keep enjoying and showing her off, she seems to enjoy the attention as well.

I have gotten my wife to show a bit more cleavage and wear a bit more revealing clothing, but like you, it is always elsewhere. Being discreet is her wish so we often travel about. I am sure the clerk was more than helpful.

I love the dim the lights idea...........when I get my wife into a see-thru top that will have to be my approach.

Now reposted the pictures , enjoy and please leave comments

great Idea...does she know it now...would love to see the add me to your friends i can comment.

Now posted the photos, please comment if you enjoy them

Now posted the photos, please comment if you enjoy them

lovely lady more photos would be a blessing lucky man