Eyes Wide Open

    My friends that I golf with came to the house recently after a round of golf. They absolutely fell in love with my wife. She had just gotten home from shopping with her girlfriend Tina. Their eyes popped from their sockets, and their crotch grew when she answered the door.
    This is the reason why.

Well, they came over to watch the Players from Augusta, Ga. She was quite the hostess. Serving munchies, and getting us drinks. I don't think any of us saw much golf.
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7 Responses May 13, 2012

Those breasts in the 2nd photo are absolutely awesome. I bet they sway and jiggle delitefully in an outfit like that.

Yep, I bet they wee pulling out there number 1 wood that night.

The second photo down is absolutely awesome!

I bet everyone was distracted.

Lovely and very erotic

She is quite beautiful, who wouldn't like getting served by her!!!

Amazing nipple shor